Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Watch My Nikon Story above, which hits over 10,000 Likes in Facebook.
Special Thanks to Nikon Malaysia, Kae Jih Jewellers and rest of the Nikon Crews for the making of 'My Nikon Story'. This Video means a lot to me as it features what I love most--Gemstones&Travel, which reminds me of how lucky I am to be living not only for passion alone, but truly unique life of my dreams.


After so many years aspiring to be a gemologist, eventually, I've made it.

I'm glad to be blessed with the gift of perseverence, yet the road ahead is still long and unpredictable. Especially in Malaysia, when you realized what people know about Gems is only Diamond. I guess it's good to be a pioneer in this industry, though unpredictable, I would like to take it as lesser competition and yeah, I'll take the chances.

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