Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Temporary study life

Went over to Singapore for the past few weeks for my Laboratory classes. Im a student back at school *hooray* :p

The whole Singapore is concrete, Im not sure how long I can survive if I were to work there, it's really no easy job to survive in Singapore considering Im a girl from Penang, a wonderland with no less of nature, mountains&seas, city and night life. What else have I left? ahh, yes, family and friends :3
This is my classmate, Audrey, a Psychologist who's been very helpful & friendly. She's attending the Gemology lab classes to add more knowledge to her hobby. 

Marina Bay Sands and its surrounding night views, Raffles Place.

Typical Changi Airport Plane Queues. If you cant see clearly, it's 8-10 planes in a row. It's time for you guys to build another runway Dear Changi. It's not gonna work if you still don't do anything. What makes things worse is that take-off and landing take place at the same Runway too!
So, it's expected that your plane will always need to hover in the sky for 20 minutes before you are landed and also queueing up for 20 minutes waited to be taken off. *rage*

It's been months Ive not stayed at home for more than couple of days. I'll be off to Aussie again tomorrow. Hope Ill meet nicer people this time.


Wai Lun said...

I've been working in SG for a few years now and just recently had a chance to spend a week in Penang. It is where I found what I've been missing the most: charming old towns, scrumptious good food and friendly people. Penangites are such lucky people.

Dorothy Jen said...

thanks :) try to spend more time here if u love Penang. Its really lovely, not being bias.