Thursday, November 3, 2011

Overcoming You

I thought Im smart and rational in relationship, in fact im js as absurd as any other dork who's helplessly in love. I thought Ive moved on since then, until I found out that I'm still checking on ur facebook so often, or even visit your blog which you've stopped updating since a year ago. Nothin fancy bout your obsolete blog, just in need to savour those sweet memories that we shared years ago rushing back into my heart. Of course, those last few posts you wrote were filled with sorrow, and damn!... I felt it too, even until now.... it got my eyes teary, everytime.

I tried so long trying to get you out of my life, I failed. Guess the only way is to stop keeping in touch. Don't get me wrong though, I dont hate you, but u gotta let me move on & allow me to forget all our memories which is still fresh in my mind.

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