Monday, June 27, 2011

12fly host

Yes I have bcome a travel host just out of a sudden. The travellings have been incessant, as I can read in the upcoming work schedule will be OZ, NZ, Thai, Vietnam, Mauritius, Korea and etc...
I would say I'm progressing fast and I'm trying my best to work with the team to come out with the addictive type of iPad magazine :)

Anyway the 1st issue of 12fly iPad Mag app will be released early July, I hope all iPad/ iPhone users, yes im talking bout YOU... to DOWNLOAD this 12fly mag app so you could read this uber interactive and smashingly cool magazine, it's our country's 1st world -class iPad Travel mag!

Docking at Phuket in Star Cruise

Wind Village, Korea

Mt Sorak

the whole team is working really hard and Im not excluded. I have to travel quite often, I mean extremely often and at the same time work on the blogs at and also an editor for the iPad mag. Yet I have to pursue my PT studies for Gemmology... Life is a bitch isn't it?

thanks for your greatest support my peeps ;)


Hean said...

Mauritius, I see! One of the places I told myself I'll go eventually. :D My friends said it's beautiful there, then again they may be biased since they are Mauritians.

Allister Lee said...

Congrats and well done! I'm sure you are doing great ;)

Do update your blog more frequently if you can. Have fun!

Madmazelle said...

Great job Dorothy! Seems like you living an awesome busy life!

Can't find the mag apps on iphone thou, i bet is awesome :)

Jia you!