Monday, June 27, 2011

12fly host

Yes I have bcome a travel host just out of a sudden. The travellings have been incessant, as I can read in the upcoming work schedule will be OZ, NZ, Thai, Vietnam, Mauritius, Korea and etc...
I would say I'm progressing fast and I'm trying my best to work with the team to come out with the addictive type of iPad magazine :)

Anyway the 1st issue of 12fly iPad Mag app will be released early July, I hope all iPad/ iPhone users, yes im talking bout YOU... to DOWNLOAD this 12fly mag app so you could read this uber interactive and smashingly cool magazine, it's our country's 1st world -class iPad Travel mag!

Docking at Phuket in Star Cruise

Wind Village, Korea

Mt Sorak

the whole team is working really hard and Im not excluded. I have to travel quite often, I mean extremely often and at the same time work on the blogs at and also an editor for the iPad mag. Yet I have to pursue my PT studies for Gemmology... Life is a bitch isn't it?

thanks for your greatest support my peeps ;)