Friday, December 30, 2011

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

Even if you dont have the time to watch this.. which you don't need to, just load and listen to this amazing speech by a 13-year old girl. Shouldn't you feel ashame if you're the one who always complain about how unfortunate you are compared to others, while it only proves you're being ignorant of the social issues all the while..

Spread your love, and you'll spread joy to the world.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Temporary study life

Went over to Singapore for the past few weeks for my Laboratory classes. Im a student back at school *hooray* :p

The whole Singapore is concrete, Im not sure how long I can survive if I were to work there, it's really no easy job to survive in Singapore considering Im a girl from Penang, a wonderland with no less of nature, mountains&seas, city and night life. What else have I left? ahh, yes, family and friends :3
This is my classmate, Audrey, a Psychologist who's been very helpful & friendly. She's attending the Gemology lab classes to add more knowledge to her hobby. 

Marina Bay Sands and its surrounding night views, Raffles Place.

Typical Changi Airport Plane Queues. If you cant see clearly, it's 8-10 planes in a row. It's time for you guys to build another runway Dear Changi. It's not gonna work if you still don't do anything. What makes things worse is that take-off and landing take place at the same Runway too!
So, it's expected that your plane will always need to hover in the sky for 20 minutes before you are landed and also queueing up for 20 minutes waited to be taken off. *rage*

It's been months Ive not stayed at home for more than couple of days. I'll be off to Aussie again tomorrow. Hope Ill meet nicer people this time.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Overcoming You

I thought Im smart and rational in relationship, in fact im js as absurd as any other dork who's helplessly in love. I thought Ive moved on since then, until I found out that I'm still checking on ur facebook so often, or even visit your blog which you've stopped updating since a year ago. Nothin fancy bout your obsolete blog, just in need to savour those sweet memories that we shared years ago rushing back into my heart. Of course, those last few posts you wrote were filled with sorrow, and damn!... I felt it too, even until now.... it got my eyes teary, everytime.

I tried so long trying to get you out of my life, I failed. Guess the only way is to stop keeping in touch. Don't get me wrong though, I dont hate you, but u gotta let me move on & allow me to forget all our memories which is still fresh in my mind.

Monday, June 27, 2011

12fly host

Yes I have bcome a travel host just out of a sudden. The travellings have been incessant, as I can read in the upcoming work schedule will be OZ, NZ, Thai, Vietnam, Mauritius, Korea and etc...
I would say I'm progressing fast and I'm trying my best to work with the team to come out with the addictive type of iPad magazine :)

Anyway the 1st issue of 12fly iPad Mag app will be released early July, I hope all iPad/ iPhone users, yes im talking bout YOU... to DOWNLOAD this 12fly mag app so you could read this uber interactive and smashingly cool magazine, it's our country's 1st world -class iPad Travel mag!

Docking at Phuket in Star Cruise

Wind Village, Korea

Mt Sorak

the whole team is working really hard and Im not excluded. I have to travel quite often, I mean extremely often and at the same time work on the blogs at and also an editor for the iPad mag. Yet I have to pursue my PT studies for Gemmology... Life is a bitch isn't it?

thanks for your greatest support my peeps ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Away to my 1st ever travel-hosting job

Suddenly it just popped out from nowhere, without any expectation...
and yeap I got the job!!! :D

Thank God, thanks Jackie, thanks Eric and thanks to everyone else who support me in taking up the job. I'll be flying off to Korea for my 1st destination, hooray!~

P/s: thanks daddy for trusting me in this! I promise I'll take good care :)