Thursday, December 2, 2010

The World's largest Dump: North Pacific's Garbage Patch

Wonder what is it made of and where is that Garbae Patch? How it formed? Since when or even how huge is the garbage patch?
The size of the Trash Vortex in the Pacific extends over a very wide area, it is estimated to be the size of Texas state, or some say the whole of France, until now nobody can be sure of the exact size, but certainly and logically speaking, it's growing. Besides, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) reports that 70% of marine litter sinks. So who knows what is also building up on the ocean floor? The trash are mostly made up of plastics and other non-biodegradable items such as fishing nets, plastic bags, bottles, cans, clothings, which had been staying there for years or decades.
How it's formed?How trash makes its way to the garbage patch is pretty straightforward. When a junk gets blown off the beach, it gets caught in the ocean current, which makes its way down the coast toward Central Pacific ocean. The currents are located somewhere in between of Japan, Asia, US and Mexico, these are the currents that make up the North Pacific Gyre. And you've heard of the Pacific Gyre, where it's rotational pattern draws in waste material from across the North Pacific Ocean. Now, we'll do some calculation, multiply that one aforementioned junk by billions of plastic items over years—actually about 70 years, starting after World War II, when plastic were invented and put to mass production(Around 100 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year and 10% of it goes to the ocean). No wonder the trash vortex can be as huge as France from bird's eye view.. don't forget that it's just 30% that we could see, remaining of the refuse sink!
man made tragedy

castaway fishnets snare sea turtles, dolphins, and other animals, Sea creatures and birds mistake trash for food, eat it, and some die; jellyfish get sick; junk washes back to shore.

So now, some of you might think that it's really not your problem or sort? Most people have no clue about their effect on ocean life and eventually back to themselve because they can’t see it. We rely heavily on seafood for protein source, at least 20% of our daily food is from sea. So when the food is polluted, so are we. Heard of many friends of yours allergic to seafood? That's the main cause.
Again, awareness and education are the keys to ocean preservation as well as tackling other environmental issues. If majority of us are still unaware and continue polluting, nobody can ever imagine how dire the consequences would be.
Be a responsible earthling, raise awareness to the world as much as you can.


Allister Lee said...

Dorothy, you are awesome. I was about to post about this up my blog and found out that you already put it up. Can I copy the whole thing and put it up my blog with credits to you?

Dorothy Jen said...

Hey Allister, no problem at all. By all means copy n paste to ur fine blog, i believe even more ppl will be alarmed ;)