Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sipadan Vacations

Sipadan Vacations
Dreaming of a perfect getaway? clear blue sky, aqua blue sea with gigantic corals& colorful fishes, white sandy beach plus cooling sea breeeze? Oh wait, stop dreaming, you dont think you can afford such a heavenly trip, it might poke a hole in your pocket? Come On, which dumbass planted those thoughts in your mind? Let me dispel that notion right here and right now!!
Contrary to popular belief that it's expensive to travel to the East Coast of Malaysia, you only need around Rm500+ and I promise you can make it to Pulau Mabul, Kapalai or even Sipadan which are located in the Celebes Sea in Southern Sabah, a place which has it all!
Just recently, Allister, a friend of mine who's a professional Diver has set up an awesome page, which is clearly as awesome as him, specially to provide information on the world reknowned islands, PADI diving courses details, how to get there and all sorts of other lodgings info. It will surely ease your research if you are planning on your perfect getaway ;)
Just log on to Sipadan Vacations to retrieve all the info you need. On the other hand, Im honored to be selected as one of the the site's contributors or bloggers or members or representatives, uhhm..whatever you name it. This is where you can find out on why a Penangite like me ended up promoting Sipadan. It's just simply amazing *winks*
God, I can't wait to dive Sipadan!!!!!


haan said...

u've started to intro the page here! i'd do it when i feel it is filled with enough info for people to use as reference :) nice to meet u.

Dorothy Jen said...

Hi nice to meet you too :)
yeah i guess im js too giddy to share it with my frens :D