Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Finally I've set my feet on the ground of Vietnam, the place reek of history, culture of its kind, and a country with its own tales to tell. Looking back at the bygone days of the country, Vietnam had been thru quite complicated days, heart rending it may seem, but at least now its developing & moving towards modernization.
It only took 2 hours+ to travel from KL to Ho Chi Minh City, but due to the bad weather I spent another extra half an hour hovering in the sky of Saigon before the plane was able to land. The trip was 4D3N, mostly spent in the city's District 1 and I would certtainly say that it's quite an interesting experience! Usually having cultural shock doesn't sound so favorable, but I put an 'exception' clause to the Saigon trip:
1. Being on the road is always like a thrilling roller coaster ride.
2. Traffic is Chaotic and in TOTAL mess. Motorcycles are just uncountable and road users seem to neglect the importance of traffic lights & most basic safety rules.
3. Yet, Drivers are fearless.
Aahh~~ how i miss those thrilling moments on the road. It's just the whims& fancies of vietnam that we gotta accustomed to.

arriving destination

Contemporary Tan Son Nhat's International Airport
A shot of Saigon city District 1

Don't you just love 'em cables?
as Complicated as me! :D

This was our 1st vietnamese meal which we never thought to be also, the last throughout the whole trip. Maybe the lesson that we got, was Never, ever, act like a smartass in ordering loadsa unknown stuffs, which you dont even know how to eat it the correct way, nor be sure of putting some of the unknwon items into mouth.
we then had vietnamese-food-phobia throughout the whole trip.
But undeniably this beef was tender, juicy, and mouth watering!

1st time drinking lime soda, it's complicated...

General Post Office

That's Uncle Ho Chi Minh

And this is the Saigon's Notre Dame Cathedral
shot combining the Statue of Mary to the church in the background

outside one of the Chinese Restaurants

Beautiful French influenced buildings: Opera House

Many other buildings here were built with a touch of french style, no wonder people here are exceptionally romantic! couples on the street, sipping coffee on the sidewalk taverns and cafes, it's just a lovely realxed scene!

One distinctive story of Vietnam, is the Vietnam War during the 1960s to 1970s. This war lasted for 17 years+, when US initiated the war based on some reasons of eliminating Communists in Indochina. My question is, why was that even US's fucking problem? It was estimated that 3 millions Vietnamese died, of which 2 millions were innocent citizens. Not counting in those who were missing, injured, handicapped/ lives taken by the Agent Orange. Of course, there were many of the US soldiers who weren't willing to sustain the war, and the consequences for the heroes were either being imprisoned, or perhaps death. Vietnam, like any other indochina countries is always a place that touches me deeply, the war and atrocities somehow gave me a unique love for the people and country.

War Remnants Museum

My full homage to Sawada, a Japanese photographer with United press International who received the 1966 Pulitzer Prize for Photography for his combat photography of the Vietnam War during 1965.

It's just like watching movie, soldiers with their sweetheart's picture always with them during war. It gave them strength to move forward to battle in the field, in hope of one day they could see their loved one again.

Another Interesting site, The Tunnels of Cu Chi, where the Viet Cong built during Vietnam War. The tunnels created a unique method of warfare, A Viet Cong could get out of a tunnel fire and then disappear back into the tunnel. They literally slept, cooked, shit, hid & etc in this tunnel. What amazed me is the air ventilation of the tunnel.

Yeap, I think I'm a soldier after this trip :p

In fact, even until today there are still many countries which are still facing the atrocities of wars, famine, or cruel dictatorship. This is a journey worth a million bucks, so much meaning and so many different kinds of people I've seen. I'll be back again for Vietnam.
Visit's Rating: 7.5/10


Madmazelle said...

Vietnam! always wanted to visit there..cause of the streetfood (they have very nice beef broth soup + noodle! ) & of coz the place itself!

S.E.A tour one day!

looking good with the soldier cap, dorothy! :P

*liking the cables hehe

Dorothy Jen said...

thanks babeh~ *super big wink wink*

every1 shud really go to any country in the Indochina, places with great stories& people :)