Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unemployed Chocolate Banana Cake

One of those activities I get myself involved during unemployed days.

I know I know, the overflowing chocolate sauce, it's making your saliva drooling, I can see it from far. You can DIY too, just blend whipping cream, tbl-spoon of unsalted butter and 50grams of semi-sweet dark chocolate.
If you feel like baking a similar one, just PM me for the recipe ;)

Currently life is good, leading a healthier and balanced lifestyle of more exercise like jogging& swimming, loads more studying which I reckon I'm doing fine so far, more hanging out with friends & family and of course trying to cut down on beers, instead switching to wines.

more updates on travelling soon ;)


Madmazelle said...

Looks yummy!! (i'm one of the saliva drooling die hard chocolate cake fans)

Great to hear you leading a very healthy lifestyle! (-minus point for sinful chocolate sauce) hehe

Joanne.yii said...

hope u really cut down on beers. hah

Dorothy Jen said...

haha, no its not sinful, its heavenly!! X) remember i exercise very often now :p

Joanne, i cant drink much, u noe it the best :p