Monday, September 27, 2010

Gemologist on the rise

It's been my ambition to be a gemologist all along. working hard to collect enough dough for the education and stuffs and I'm almost hitting my target soon :3
Anyway, a lot of people has no idea what or who is a Gemologist. Gemology is the science dealing with natural and artificial gems and gemstones. It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy. So Gemologist is a gemstones professional who identifies and evaluates gems.

Ive Started the Diamond Essential Distance learning provided by Gemological Institute of America (Famously known as GIA) not long ago and am expecting to take up the Diamond gradings as well as the Colored Stones gradings very soon! This feeling is awesome, Im not quite sure how to put it into words but imagining myself able to invovle in something I love, and excel someday gives me the strength to keep on improving myself.

God Bless