Friday, July 23, 2010

Post World Cup

And yeaaap! Spain, once again won the Champion's title, but it's their first Championship in World Cup!.. luckily it's js a month's thingy or else i'll be a real zombie in no time.

Been to Langkawi in between the WC period but I dont think there's anything worth to share. I'll share if I find myself too idle, some day..some time.. However I hav a new inspiration after been to Langkawi, funny it might sound but found myself quite amused with wine knowledge whether is it the wine making or wine tasting. Will I get to know any Sommelier so to get myself some xtra yummy knowledge? hope so :)

Anyway, am going to work in KL for the next few weeks as people need help with VISA applications to UK by Sept. Wish me luck for less troubles& more blessings.

Miss my family :'(