Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beaconside, Stafford

1st thing before starting my post, the one person that I must express my gratitude:
Mr. Darren Gan Wei Luan. He walked few miles to fetch me from the Stafford train Station, waited me in the train station due to train delays, and it's him, who planned for the sumptuous lunch for my half day stay in Stafford. I did feel like a VIP!
I’ve visited Wei Luan, Kevin Mah, Aun Rern, Cherng Shyue and Yean Heng who are currently studying in Staffordshire U. Somehow I feel really bad because all of them stayed back in Stafford to meet me or else they could have gone to Scotland for holidays. Anyhow, I reckon the bak gua, chino chips, cadbuary’s fingers and kuih bangkit managed to put a smile back to their faces!! XD

my tour guides were all in black
The football pitch which I really love <3
Chef Gan cooking, Lee and Daniel eating Bak Gua
This was the greatest meal ever since I reached UK, I was so tired of sandwiches and breads

Their single sharing room, tidy and well organized, I feel ashame of myself =p

After lunch they accompanied me to the train station by taking bus. Literally the bus is nothing different from Rapid Penang, so don’t expect public transport in UK is more glorious as it is not necessarily the case. We lurked around in Victoria Park which is a very scenic place. No time for Guildhall but hey, I don’t care, my shoes were killing me enuf and I was certainly not in the mood for walkings. Too bad time was insufficient for Stafford Castle..damn I couldnt believe I've never been to any castles in UK... What a waste.

classic Road Signs

Victoria Park

Watching these Mandarin ducks in the river reminds me of I used to have 6 little ducklings which was my 8year-old birthday presents from dad. I let them running wild in my garden and pee n poo everywhere, they stinked! but by the time they grew bigger I didnt dare to slaughter them! Ended up they were all given to a neighbour, damn it was a joke that I was a farmer at 8 =.=

See them ducks& that lil baby, aren't they cute? :3

All black spoilt the scenery


True from my heart, thanks for sending me up to the Railway station, Really appreciate that :)

My 1st class train ticket to London, want a pice of London?
stay tuned!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cheshire: Crewe Hall

It took around 1hr and half to reach Cheshire from Manchester by Coach. Didn’t stay long in Cheshire due to time constraint, yet it’s simply the most unforgettable experience I ever had. Had a coach tour along the town of Cheshire, I must blame my camera for dying at tht time of the day, luckily I just bought my BBerry, last resort was using the BBcamera to snap those photos…I noe.. It’s sad isn’t it? The last thing a tourist ever wanted is having a dead camera hanging around the neck…

View along the road, remains of snow still on the road
Cheshire's lovely town view
Starting to drop my jaw from this point onwards

Exclaiming Oh My GOD

Wiki: "Crewe Hall is a Jacobean mansion located near Crewe Green, east of Crewe, in Cheshire, England. Described by Nikolaus Pevsner as one of the two finest Jacobean houses in Cheshire, it is listed at grade I. Built in 1615–36 for Sir Randolph Crewe, it was one of the county's largest houses in the 17th century, and was said to have 'brought London into Cheshire'."

apple green compound

A shot with Phil Cook, met him in Malaysia last year, a very genuine& helpful gentleman.
fascinated by the paintings

Into the Dining hall for d most authentic Afternoon tea!

selections of sandwicehs, scones, cakes, tarts and tea

shot with Tepeli

thanks Phil for the shot that put this trip to a full stop
Crewe hall is also famous among footballers and celebrities, Queen Elizabeth ll was also a customer of this Hotel. Well, if a room were given to me free I think I won't stay, although it's sho beautiful, it's CREEPY! XD

Friday, April 2, 2010

Old Trafford, ManUtd

Who would ever miss out Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester? Even thou im not a fan AT ALL, not in a million years for ManUtd, I went there for the sake of visiting okay...so stop teasing me...I won’t change my one track mind&heart for Liverpool...

Old Trafford from outside
Jonathan's member card as he's a steward there

The road to glory? neeh .l.

sign board: wooh, I AM HERE!!

cute cubes which will only open during match days

Mega Store ManUtd

This is floor, not wall nor ceiling

Me was here February 27th 2010

Merchandises in cheap quality but still had to buy some for the fan

Wonder how much they have inside the machines?
stupid look but stil posting up to let ManUtd fan jealous XB

Anyhow Wayne Ballooney's injured, I bet Chelsea will kick ManUtd's ass this Saturday =D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Manchester good old days

Despite of the sleepless journey, I just couldn’t believe I’m finally stepping into United Kingdom! Most places of UK was covered with a layer of white toppings.
Once I reached, I took a deep breath of the chilly air, felt the breeze of winter, started to believe I’m indeed here in Manchester, it just snowed the night before so piles of dirty snow were still visible on the road.

Yes, welcomed indeed
After settling into Premier Inn at Lower Mosley Street, Lyra called up, how kind of her to bring me around Manchester’s city! It was around 3pm and we didn’t have much time until 5pm where the sky started turning dark, which also means that all the shops will close soon!
Its been my custom to snap a picture from hotel room wherever I go =p

Direct opposite of my hotel was Manchester's oldest hotel: The Midlands

Manchester's Eye.
Almost all the cities in UK have their own eyes, the only difference is the size and price per ride.

Many thanks to Lyra for that cup of coffee which I never needed it that much

Arndale Shopping centre

Tudor buildings always rock!

I was truly awed by the buildings in Manchester where they have the combination of Victorian heritage buildings to modern era constructions.

Manchester's Cathedral

Printworks is the most happening place in Manchester with night clubs, gay bars and all sorts of entertainments.
Hard Rock Manchester

Indispensible Chinatown in every city.
Well I mean chinese are living well in every corner of the world..

Albert Square lies the beautiful Town Hall

At 1st night, I went to Cambridge hall of Residence where many of my friends are staying. Although it was assignments peak season and shits, almost all of them showed up, Which made me the happiest girl in the world! They suggested to get supper so together we went to TaiWu Chinese Restaurant and occupied 2 round tables :D
There's 30% discounts for students after midnite.

from left: Woon Choon, Kuang Ee, Kok Boon, Lyra, Ronson, Wilson, Tee Keen & Chenghai

Table Behind from left: Devonn, Jonathan, Khee Jin, Cheryl, Zhi Yi, empty place=me, Aaron, Chee Keong and David, and May Lin came last. Yeah, I was so greedy I kept on switching tables to try out different dishes =p
miss all of u :3

with Tee Keen and Matthew

Was on the verge of collapsing after staying awake for 48 hours, so I finished my meal real quickly and all the girls sent me back to hotel. Thanks for the lovely chinese food everyone!

nice pub bside Oxford Station

Manchester's Museum

Most interesting sector

shots with Asru. Thanks for bringing me here Chor Ee and Khee Jin.
love Manchester!
more pictures more stories to come..