Tuesday, March 30, 2010

48 sleepless hours: Emirates

The flight from PEN-KUL, KUL-DBX, DBX-MAN was unpleasant, sleepless throughout the journey plus fat dude n fat ladies bside was HORRIBLE.. back pain, leg cramp, and as told by others, I waited half an hour for my turn to use the toilet. I had the phobia of no longer wanting to step into the plane now.. If only... if only the fat ppl weren't bside, mayb the journey would be better.
Following are few snaps along my sleepless jorney:
KLIA, still one of the best Airport in the world

Walking towards the boarding gate

inside of Emirates Air

However there's one thing for sure that EK prides themselves with: Food& Beverages
1st meal at 3am, no wonder I couldn't fall asleep, I was tempted to stay awake!!
heavy meal again before reaching Dubai IA

Landing at Dubai in the wee hour of morning

Stepping into Dubai IA, was expecting wow factor buildings and interior but to my dismay, the airport's just doing AOK, nothing impressive. In retrospect, it is a good thing as government doesnt spend too much money on constructions which is literally unecessary, you hear me Government?
another heavy meal: mixed grill

tea time!
Mutton this time. I always love their desserts! nyammm~

Beefy with creamy strawberry cake.. I love those desserts..
I enjoyed watching the live camera from the personal tv, it is as if you're watching at what a pilot's looking :D you either choose the forward camera or downward camera, real chikek shit. you'll get all tensed up and aroused if you could imagine you're the pilot.
Short clip of plane landing:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour Day

Taking this opportunity to say hello to all once again. I'm having my 3 days holidays finally after 2 restless months, dont worry coz I'll revive my blog soon.

Coincidently today it's the earth hour day, people are waiting to shut off their lights at 8.30 pm. But personally, I think if you love the mother earth, you will protect it any second or any hour of the day. Shutting off your light for an hour doesn't necessarily mean you care.

Things that you should consider are like often you'd see ppl throwing rubbish out of d car , yes, very irritating . Everybody should reduce the usage of polyester box, even a retard knows it's non-biodegradable. Switching on a/c even it's not that hot, as a/c emits clorofluorocarbon which is harmful to the Ozone, think bout it. Using too much plastic bags will cause more rubbish piling up and it takes many years to biodegrade them.
Developers love to chop off trees for constructions and developments, do you know how hot Penang is currently? Stop killing trees for money, think about your generations to come and think for your mother earth. Buses and lorries usually use Diesel, bad air indeed. Also, Factories' toxic waste aren't properly handled but ended up contaminating rivers or lakes, same to those who throw garbage into rivers/drains. Excessive use of water and electricity can be refrained if you support earth hour.
Everybody plays an important role to protect earth, start to be a good example to others, especially the government, parents, and you!
thanks for reading this tedious post :)