Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Not for Me..

This long trip to KL wasn’t too pleasant, lack of sleep, insufficient time, inadequate energy, battled against the time which squeezed me to fall under the weather. It sucked sometime but still, a memory worth keeping. Most of my time was allocated to Work, so I guess, at least I can pat myself on shoulder and feel fulfilled, at least I learned from this trip :3
Nothing much to describe on job part, but CSP had fun with me over the weekend, no harm sharing what's KL like with non-malaysians i reckon :)

1/4 day Trip to Casino (translator: Genting) Highland:
You could choose a direct bus route up to destination or leisurely take a skyway/cable car which costed RM10 for return ticket (not inclusive of bus transfer).
Seriously nothing much up there except the perfect weather, staying another hour longer could get us killed by boredom.


Then the remaining day was spent aimlessly in malls...... baaaahhhhh.....
Welcome to KL!! that's to comfort myself..
Anyhow, it's weird to say that I truly enjoyed the thrill of finding hotels at last minute, though at a traveller's point of view Lonely Planet Travelling guide would be useful. All hotels were full after searching for almost 2 hrs, just about when I almost gave up, we caught a glimpse of light amidst the dark clouds, finally we got one little cozy B/B hotel room right beside Berjaya TimeSquare. We settled in early after picnic in the room and snored like pigs until the following day where we departed for another day of tiring Walk-Walk and Nom-Nom.

Yummy treats, a Must try: Krispy Kreme Original Glazed.
Looks ordinary but tastes Beeeejaa BOooooMbbB!!
only available at Time Square KL

Discovery: Raggae Bar at Sri Petaling
Love All Feed All, Good Food& Fine Wine, happy hours and loads of discounts, funky musics.. Made me go OooLalaa~

Mai Tai(loads of panadol) and Fruity Tingle(very tipsy)
Not sure how you find cocktails, but to us...BEERs are stilll the BEST.

Visit to: KLPAC
Beautiful theatre set at a posh private garden, often with good concerts, drama and musical performance playing on and on… people are well dressed, mostly in formal dress code, erhh..except CSP and I as usual with shorts and flip flops =P

KLPAC Main entrance

Does it looks like I got wings? oh, and Halo around my head.
Damn, I should be in white =B

Remaining days spent for working.. and working.... and..... fell sick.
But Hey, it ain't that bad at all, at least I savored......

This is Nuclear bomb explosion in your Fuc*in' mouth!
say CheEeeSeee...

Most expensive Burger in town that I'm willing to pay with
bottomless drinks, may it be Iced lemon tea, Coke, 100Plus, Sprite,
F&N and the list still goes on..

Well, after away from home for so long..finally I smelled home..
Peep in KLIA Express. One way ticket costed RM35 which is extremely absurd for a 28-minute ride. But it's still cheaper than cab which will cost RM60 as I''m travelling alone

Peeping again in the boarding room...boy was I dull..

My last and favourite shot for this journey.. Never felt this relieve, never felt that the sceneries could be so beautiful, or mayb my heart was opened to perceive everything as beautiful when I'm heading home??

sometimes when we have too much of something, we just don't feel like wanting them, but when it's starting to dissapear, only we'll start to appreciate their presence or start searching for them, ain't it all about Humans nature?... Give thanks while you still can.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Travelling away in KL

Sorry guys to hybernate for such a long while.. I'm currently away to work-travel in Kuala Lumpur for few weeks.