Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Countdown to No Avail

Looking up from their favorite hammock, she knew he was the one, like how she always tells her friends. Forever. As she stared into his deep brown eyes, he was smiling down at her kissing her hand.. she likes everything of him, she especially loves it when he adores her.
Somewhere in the distance a beast was running at the speed of light towards him.. It was about to strike, the force too strong not even God could undo what's about to happen.. She reached for him, but her arms clutched empty air..

He's imaginary, he's too abstract to hold on to..

Every time when she tries to talk, all she could hear was the echo of her own voice. It is as if she's living in an empty vase. Rolls of tears streaming down from her eyes, reminiscing moments when they set up Xmas tree for the very 1st time.. and promises they made for the rest of their lives.. blessings and curse which interchange so often that they decided not to fight fate but to stay cheerful as long as they are together, to sustain the luckiest thing that ever happened to them: they met each other

Hours passed by and cupid cries..
the pain that etched in her heart,
The cruel lies that excruciated and torn her apart.
Will miracle happen in this Magical Christmas to come?
It's hard to tell

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Singapore December '09

This was my 1st ever solo trip in Singapore, from Terminal 1 I’ve took the Airport Train to Terminal 2 to catch the MRT to city centre. It was seriously cheap and EXTREMELY Convenient to travel in S’Pore, from Changi Airport to Orchard just costed me SGD1.80! Try to compare that with the KLIA Express which links the KLIA to KL Sentral which costs MYR35! That’s almost 10 times more expensive! Kudos to our Malaysian Government of having such a celebrated gold-plated transport, I’m impressed. While waiting for the Train, 2 school boys pointed their cell phones to my direction, I felt like pointing my middle finger at them but I was alone, if I pissed em off I ain’t got Kevin Costner to protect me, unlike when I was in KL Shayne pestered the Perv and grabbed the cell phone away, tht’s hilarious =D

The journey took around 45 minutes after 2 interchange stations, whereby I was led by a group of youngsters who were also heading to Orchard. Their destination was to Ion, but they led me further down to Paragon whereby I could find Mr. Don in Bacchus Wine Shop and Store my baggage. It was a pleasant guide, couldn’t thank them enough =)
So I started my solo lurk along Orchard from 12noon, Takashimaya, Paragon, Atria Centre, Ion then to the Wheelock Place. Gawsh after the 3 hours walk I was nauseated, I ended up caging myself in d little corner of a small coffee shop sipping coffee and reading Dan Brown’s until 5 when I finally met my colleague for dinner in Geylang.

Orchard Road


Atria Centre, corridor

Newly opened ION

Wheelock Place

Now guess how much I spent for my S’pore trip? It’s unimaginable…
MRT 1.8
Coffee 1.3
Bread 1.0
Tips 1.0
Not even $5 for the whole day... almost fainted...

During night time I didn’t had much time for a stroll along Orchard Road, but I past by in car, pictures were not satisfying as I jus poked my head&shoulders out of the car’s roof and took them pictures while the car was moving, but one thing for sure, it’s a beautiful City during X’mas.

Ion at night

Here it is, the infamous ERP, once your car past thru, the ERP system in your car will automatically be charged, amount differs from time to time in a day depending on the peak hours. If you happen to get lost around the city and you're compelled to repeat your route 10 times around the ERP area, there goes your money into that gigantic pocket. So my piece of advice, dun buy car in S'pore unless u're freakin rich, road tax itself costs like hell, especially if your car is bigger. Furthermore, the public transportation in S'pore is impeccable.

All in all, it's such a beautiful city during year end.

Visit's rating: 8/10

P/S: Special thanks to Mr. Don for the miniatures of Remy Martin V.S.O.P. and Johnnie Walker. Next time Ima get Dom Perignon, hiak hiak..

Friday, December 11, 2009

To my Best Imaginary Friend: Ghost

It's been almost 7 years, seriously you've always been d greatest friend to me, from good times to bad.... you are the best friend among best, a person of kindest spirit, purest soul, I can take care of you like you're my lil' sis, yet sometimes you're like my big sis too when it comes to making rational decisions.. you're the most reliable friend among reliable friends, the most trustworthy, I know my secrets are all safe with you, that's y you're such a special friend!
When I 1st saw you, you're just a shy and reserved girl who rarely smiles. But as time passed by, I can see your improvements, I believe everyone around us can sense that too.. you've become naughtier day by day, bad influence i reckon, and also, hotter and hotterr!! this, is definitely not a bad influence =D Now I can't even count your admirers/fans with my 10 fingers plus 10 toes!
WUWU: Faster! tongue kiss!!!

It was X'mas 2008, time sure does fly!

Still remember when I didn't finish my homework, u're always the one who let me copied your answers, and when the teacher asked me questions you would be the one who helped me with the answers. You just sat behind of me in form4, infront of me in form5, and how much I enjoyed bullying you when we're in class.. Coz girl, you were too quiet, and I wanna stir up your spirit from within, even if it meant to the point of getting you irritated or annoyed..
Special Thanks to you and your lovely family to had celebrated your 21st Birthday earlier because of me, I'm the silly girl who's going in and out from Penang so often, I'm sorry but I have no choice. I can't thank you enough to have put me on top of the priority at all times, I'm touched, you're such a genuine friend whom I can no longer find in this world...simply irreplacable

Happy 21st to my dearest Wuwu

Sweetest pic of all

There again, the proof of your supernatural power
(remember that's how I named you ghost)


I love you

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Taiwan 2

It was eventually worth the Taiwan visit by going to:

基隆港 ( Kee Lung Harbor), the 2nd largest Harbor city in Taiwan after 高雄 (Gao Xiong)
Picture taken from a chinese temple uphill, the temple was... baaaahhh(waste of time)

From Keelung we took a 25 minutes ride to 野柳 (Yeh Liu)The specialty of this place is the unique natural rock formation, of all the rocks of all shapes and sizes which resemble a bear, gingers, honeycomb and blah blah blah, The famous Queen’s head tops the Must-see-rocks. The tourists crowded the whole area on Sunday and I wasn’t liking it at all once I stepped down from the Van, Holy shit, I loathe crowds. And To my great dismay, The Queen’s head is no longer the queen’s head after years of water and wind erosion, worst was the tourists deliberate destruction, especially those from China…urgghhh…
The well known Queen's Head which is supposed to look like this
( Pic taken from


unwanted transformation took place..
Now, I don’t know whose dick head is that? what a Dick Rage..

野柳 (Yeh Liu)
We also visite Hyatt Taipei..where we met 2 supporting actresses from Mama Mia who were in Taiwan to perform i reckon. But nehhh..who the hell cares, Mama Mia's such a suicidal movie, I'd rather pour bleach into my eyes, which is why not at any time of a day, of any day, of any week, month or year has this movie ever been a good idea to watch..
Hyatt Taipei
Following are the disgusting foood that not at any time of a day, of any day, of any week, month or year has these food ever been a good idea to put in2 mouth..

Saucy slugs....GO AWAYYYY...don't haunt me!!
Anyone manage to solve this riddle? a pair of those inside Rooster's Scrotums..
aite, correct, I know what u're thinking, please give yourself a big round of applause..yay!!
*Drum Roll Pleeasee*
Our next destination: 九份 (Jiu Fen), one of the oldest mountain villages in Taiwan. This is my most favorite place of all where they have the most scenic sea views, mountains, and also heritage buildings with the oldest cinema in Taiwan.
excessive exposure to sun rays..oops..
Im peeping.. you'd probably didn't notice I was peeping, yeah, you didn't .. that's why I'm peeping XD
legs extension, I tik some of you girls might be interested...
Another fav shot,
wave was big,
unable to jump,
sorry, dun scold me...
somehow reminds me of Kudat's rocky cliffs

Yeah, imagine King Kong's on the tip fighting the chopper... booyeah!
hey, where's Naomi?

九份 (Jiu Fen) Bird's eyes View

Most scenic view of 九份's heritage markets, it was towards the end.

Of course all these junkies were my victorious items bought from 7-11..all these precious junks for my FF... not Fellow Fuckers scusi.
I also wonder how many Malaysians know 小王子面?? It’s the Taiwan’s version of Mamee, I didn’t know when I bought it, but apparently my friends have heard of it and their reaction were like meeting their long lost brother.

that's all folks for my Taiwan visit..
visit's Rating: 5/10 ( that's a close shave)