Thursday, August 27, 2009


As an education counsellor, I always don't feel nothing or anything great about being one. My job, as you know lingers around between giving advises, getting students enrolled, called up students to submit necessary documents for the oversea's universities to access their qualification. But, there is something special about my job, I'm doing extra stuffs for them, working even when I'm at home. There's this certain force that must have been pushing me to do this, until there's a special relationship created between them and I. Sometimes I even write a 2 pages hell loadsa sweet stuffs 'Personal Statement' for them, simply because I hope for the best in them, I wanna see them excel. It's not only fulfilling my responsibility, the moment when I get their appreciation and approvals, I'm on top of the world.

Dear Dorothy,
Really really thank you so much for all the trouble you take to help me. I really appreciate your kindness :) and you are giving really good service too.. two thumbs up!
I'm very grateful for all the help you are giving me, if not I don't know if i'll even get through to visa in one try..
Attached is my visa for your reference. Hope you have a nice nice day!


-a Brunel University West London Master's program student-
Dear Dorothy,

I've just received a letter from MancehsterMetU bout the scholarship and Im entitled to get 2500pounds scholarship!! Thanks a lot for your help!!!! =)
THX THX THX!!It's all d result of ur effort!!!You've done a good deed, girl!!


For all the things I've done for them, I genuinely wish the same thing would happen to myself. Studying is my only aim now, All the best to myself, earn more money and off you go Dorothy =)

Well, if there's one word to describe my feeling, it's appreciated. If I could use 2 words to describe my overall feeling, it's JOB SATISFACTION.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the secret to the 4 Triads

For those who are fans of Patek Phillipe, are surely familiar with Calatrava Cross. It's not merely a symbol, but it symbolizes the secret to the 4 Triads, i.e, the 4 secrets to success.

1st Triad: Patek Phillipe is a well known company which produces exquisite watches. And with this fact itself, TIME is one of the 4 Triads. Time can be divided into 3 sub-parts, which is past, present, and future. And the key to time is none other than PRESENT. As past is a history, future is a mystery, and present is the moment we should cherish as it is real, tangible, and is the key to decide for our future. Make use of your present moment and do not allow any single minute 2slip away free.

2nd Triad: Nothing in this world lasts forever. Thus, LIFE is not forever, we were born, we grow old, we get sick and then we either go to heaven or hell. And out of the triad of Life, there are another 3 sub-parts to take into consideration: Body, Mind and Soul. Mind enables us to think, but not everything that we think is guaranteed with an accuracy. Body is not an object to create attention or money (though a lot of ppl are practising it like a ritual), rather it is merely the holy temple to our soul. The life span of a body can range from a day to a maximum of 120 years. But the Key to Triad of Life is the Soul. It is the only element in this world which will last forever. Only through listening to one's soul, one can find eternal peace and everlasting happiness in life.

3rd Triad: In order for a person to appear as 'not-stupid', or not being considered as a dumbass, he must be a man of WISDOM. Again, the triad of Wisdom is divided into another 3sub-parts: Hope, Believe, Know. With Hope, a person is motivated to achieve his dream, with believe, a person is confident of his ability. However, if too much of hope and confidence combined without any knowledge added into the trial, will lead to a substantial fall. People can live their whole life hoping and believing in things, but they aren't real if you KNOW they aren't. With 'KNOW', one truly knows where he stands, knows what he speaks, knows what he thinks, knows what he wants, and knows what is the real world really is.

4th Triad: By looking at the 1st 3 Triads, the 4th is the most abstract, as it won't appear if nobody takes the initiative of creating it. Yes, CREATION is the 4th Triad and the most important triad of all. God created the world, nobody can question that, and nobody can prove it with their scientific theories. Humans are assigned to take care of their surrounding, as they are the masters to animals and plants. Further on, humans can 'create' by following these 3 sub-parts: Thought, Word, and Action. Actions without considerable thoughts and words will not be successful, but it is even worse to have only thoughts and words without ACTION. We should pursue the life we want, not expecting your father or mother to have it created to you.

Lastly, the secret to the 4 Triads has to be rounded up at some point, quite clear cut, and those who had studied the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory( for me it's in Human resource management subject) should know the highest priority to human's satisfaction: SELF-ACTUALIZATION.
This is the desire to fulfillment for those who are truly motivated, achieving the goals they set for themselves and becoming peoples whom they truly potential&deserve to be.

Of all the above 4 Triads, they are actually hidden inside the Holy Bible.

A famous quote by Abraham Maslow that I would like to share: "A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be." Don't force yourself to become somebody you aren't capable of becoming.

(Reference: Fredism)

Monday, August 17, 2009

home sweet home

Saying goodbye to my home isn't that easy like I thought. I went thru shits when I'm all alone, being helpless and lonely, topped up with a few other dungs on top of those existing problems. 3 round trips in 2 weeks, missed my flight in between which really upset me, caught in the jams every single day, then a negro was stalking me in the airport, plus my beau lost his trust to me while I didn’t do anything, I didn’t spend much but all my allowance was flushed away in 2 weeks.

I started to have imaginary views of the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and lazing around in the hammock. I promise myself to enlist a new phobia into my dictionary if I ever ever ever need to travel ALONE again. Thank God another 2 weeks I’ll be having my vacation far away from peninsular Malaysia. I just can’t wait no more!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Somewhere beyond the Sea

Somewhere Beyond the Sea,
Somewhere waiting for me,
my lover stands on golden sand,
and watches the ships that go sailing
Somewhere beyond the sea,
She's there watching for me,
If i could fly like birds on high
then straight to her arms, I'd go Sailing.

thts the song by Bobby Darin. The song moves me especially when Im all alone working away from home. I yearn for a perfect combination of vacation and bein' with d one I love. Its only the fourth day and Im half dead. Everyday yearning for weekends to come so that I can go back to my home. I mean, truly thankful to my bosses to have given me this opportunity, yet I hate looking at all the high-rise buildings, in the 19,000 feet sky twice a week and stuck in the jams for nothing, F***ing man made shits. And you, Ive done nothing but missing you here, I hope you understand what I'm going through now.

Its funny how late only I realized the people here are of different kinds, of course other places as well. It is hard to define human. Can you?