Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Exotic Tattoo: special credit to Max

Hi to all who are interested with tattoos and piercing. I proudly present you to Exotic Tattoo situated in Komtar, which is a shop that would definitely earn customers' loyalty. They have two Tattoist in the shop, Max and Fun. Max is a hunk in his early40s with almost 10 years experience whereas Fun is a guy with his piercings all over his face o.O...Their hair, well...growing longer than their asses. Also I wont forget to introduce you to the Sterilizer, which me n CSP only call him either 黃秋生 or Mr. Sterilizer. As clear as I described, You thought he speaks English with his caucasian look, but his English really 'cannot'...His Hokkien is more proficient though =3 such a joke to see the contradiction.

We were so lucky that Max offered to tatt, which means in the future our appointed tattoist is gonna be Max..Yeeha! We initially made the appointement on 1st of Aug but we just couldn't wait anymore, got the tattz done yesterday. We reached at 3pm, so the communication of ideas went on, he suggested to add in more details into the image as the image resolutions was greatly distorted and we two pigs didn't notice. we were really glad he's a perfectionist, we put our complete trust in him and let him perform without any restrictions. I shud abridge my story and let the pictures do the talking now:

1st step: paste the inked image on the part that you wish to tattoo

2nd step: starting with the outline, O-U-C-H-H! the torment starts..
1st hour: I'm waiting...

That's Max, Didn't wanna distract his attention, so just captured his sexy back. Tell ya a secret here, he loves Linkin Park, kept on increasing the volume when LP's songs were on.. seemed like he got the power!! heee

2 hours later........
W/O colors, Looks awesome enough!!

That's the time when CSP walked to the gents with his clothes off..imagine half naked in the mall XD, of course all the aunties were ogling, woops~
3rd hour: still waiting
Im in CSP's shirt, but still freezing, still waiting, still anticipating...
3rd step: coloring, another break-time.. I guess that's the 7th Break or so o.o
total silencio, total attention... Max is really professional =).. be patient, almost done~
the yellow part took more time and caused more harm as the skin color is almost the same, so Max had to repeatedly inject the colors. I could see CSP's face was screming for momma

and Voila! the 4th and a quarter hour, Finally... it's already 8.30pm.. yet, it's only 85% done, we'll wait till it fully recovered after a month or 2 and back for the highlights and touch up. Bet it's gonna be PErfecto~! just love it mucho..

Of course, we have our own reasons why we opted a red indian since in the very beginning, and why fortitudo in latin which means strength and moral bravery. Shall be bec after 2 weeks for the sunskrit wording on ankle =3, hiak hiak hiak..Max's pregnant wife told me pretty soon it'll be my turn to get a tatt..I wonder when =D

Well, I hope you love all the ideas that i've contributed for u, take it as a graduation gift from me and urself^^ remember to moist up ur tatt!
Also a special thanks to Aaron who brings Exotic Tattoo to my knowledge surface, it's your turn to get one b4 departing to UK aite...
I skipped my sunday mass T.T, I've sinned.. so I got bec home and prayed with the Rosary until I fell asleep..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daniel Wu

not 100% look alike.
Still, just wanna resurrect my blog.
He has got the eyes of Caterpillar o.o yes?
Owh, hey! I'm still breathing!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Farah Fawcett 1947-2009

Farah Fawcett, ex- Charlie's Angel, died of cancer on the same date as Michael Jackson, but her death was overcome by Michael's, I guess it's really unfair to her =p
On the contrary, She was once the sex symbol in the 70's, ask your papa then you'll know ")

Drawn by my uncle, C.T. Loo on 13th of April 1982. Now it's hanging in my bro's room. I'm always proud of my unc for his gifted impeccable drawing and painting talents.

RIP Farah.

guess what... it's Friday!!