Monday, June 29, 2009

last date until August.

Yesterday had a great sunday with my best ahgua and ghost with my beau as a bonus points added to the date. I believe not many penangites had came across with this new karaoke club located along Anson Road, the Oriental KTV, managed by the same boss from Star KTV in Midlands Park that I used to go during Secondary School, when I was playing truant and being ayyy bad ass.. ")

It was in a heritage building, we also went to the simple cozy bar, dart rooms, and God knows what else of shits could be hidden inside. a bit creepy though(its just pheisze, dun be afraid!) however i still love the extra large KTV room and cheap price during weekends comparing to that in RedBox with the workers speaking their 'forceful' canto, ewww!! Goosebumps!
Then, We had the two thumbs up tomyam maggi and found the nondescript EXOTIC tattz shop in Komtar as CSP's gonna get his tattz soon(hoooray!), to my big surprise after d big search, it was just located near 2my father's ex jewelry shop..wooh~ i miss tht shop and my simple childhood. In retrospect, there were a lot of '1st-time' for all of us.
Lastly, congratulations to my cousin who just got married, she's sucha nice lady and I sincerely shower my abundant blessings to the marriage. Thanks to her, now my high school bud Lim Keng Hoon has become my relative, what a small Penang!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Wondering what was I doing these 2 days?
little bombshell 4 ya...jeaahhhh babeh~
such a serious look, dunno who owes you money, duh~
p.s: spot the mole

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

blog header

finally the long awaited blog header from Mr. Doroch~ ^^''
He contributes the idea( as most of the people know he loves taking pictures of feet and legs =p) and did the photography along the blog description, as for me I just did some final touch up and the blog title: sobriety . I guess it's well being described: frugality, moderation, sobriety... yeah, thats us, being simple and hopefully with grace and dignity ")

now, count how many toes are there in the picture, pronto!