Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lady of Burma

She's not my Maa, not my aunty or who you think she is any related to me, aite =p it's merely a way to express my respect and support for her spirit.
Aung San Suu Kyi, a Burma’s pro-democracy leader and also a Nobel Peace laureate in 1991 is going to hit 13 years of detention by the Burmese military regime. She was educated in Burma, India, and Oxford in the United Kingdom. Below is her Biography and some facts about Burma( now known as Myanmar) summarized from
She joint the newly-formed National League for Democracy (NLD), Suu Kyi gave numerous speeches calling for freedom and democracy. The military regime responded to the uprising with brute force, killing up to 5,000 demonstrators. Unable to maintain its grip on power, the regime was forced to call a general election in 1990. As she began to campaign for the NLD, she and many others were detained by the regime. NLD went on to win a staggering 82% of the seats in parliament. But the regime never recognized the results of the election.
She was held under house arrest from 1989-1995, and again from 2000-2002. She was again arrested in May 2003 after the Depayin massacre, during which up to 100 of her supporters were beaten to death by the regime's militia. She remains under house arrest in Rangoon. Her phone line has been cut, her post is intercepted and National League for Democracy volunteers providing security at her compound were removed in December 2004.
Aung San Suu Kyi has called on people around the world to join the struggle for freedom in Burma, saying "Please use your liberty to promote ours". Her message is also a simple one - that only by fighting fear can you truly be free - a message Burma's military fears and aims to silence.
Aung San Suu Kyi and huge numbers of other politicians who are detained by the military regime have committed no crimes. Yet they’ve been locked up by merely calling for freedom. She is now being held in Insein Prison, a prison notorious for its terrible conditions and horrific treatment of prisoners. Political prisoners in Burma are routinely subjected to torture and often denied medical treatment. If you have the heart, please read more about the Brutality and corruption of Burma’s Regime, by following: Facts of Burma.
I hope that now you will be more aware of the heart wrenching conditions in Burma. The world is heading to globalisation yet there are still countries which are controlled by cruelty and intimidation, not everybody is aware of it coz all we do is shopping, working, travelling, studying, mind our own business.. so People, by whatever means do whatever you can to help, or better still liberate Burmese from misery.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally it's Weekend !

Oh my.. finally it's the weekend! The days which I've been looking forward to since every Sunday nights... PHewwwww!~ good thing's that just had normal shits happened throughout the week.I'm more jollified this weekend cause I've had streaks of lucks for Chocolate within these couple of days.. Call it blessings or windfalls, I'm just so so PSYCHED eventho I'm a non-Chocs-buff. I reckon the excitement derives when these chocolates are no where to be found in Malaysia...
Kiwi Choc from NZ. This is one of the best fruit choc after ashmore's strawberry choc. I just can't get enuf of you baby~
The gigantic batang of Toblerone with blueberry& nuts from Chris..woooh~~ it weighs more than half a kg O.0

Dino Eggs in 3 different colors, so adorable!!~^^

It was also Shitty Papa Pimp's Birthday celebrated at Smokey jack. Indeed the food was like what people described in their blogs, 'below average and tasteless', also the waitress who served our table actually spoke to us in mandarin, which in a western cuisine posh restaurant, isn't it ideal to have the waiters and waitresses converse in English? Undeniably the environment is awesome, but consider paying the same or lower amount for restaurants that serve quality food =)
Happy 1 year-young XingHao!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The Secret of success is knowing who to blame.
Definitely I'm not the successful one, I'm the one gotta swallow all the bame into my stomach..
A stomach full of gas and innocence, but what can I do?? =) well, never mind, not the 1st time anyway, this is me, being young and innocent, *ehem*... gotta go through all these shits to be stronger aite
食死猫 食死猫
食死猫 食死猫 食死猫
食死猫 食死猫 食死猫 食死猫
食死猫 食死猫 食死猫 食死猫 食死猫 食死猫
食死猫 食死猫 食死猫 食死猫 食死猫 食死猫 食死猫 食死猫

Sunday, May 17, 2009


A duo is supposed to be inseparable,
Made up by destiny,
Attached with bountiful of blessing,
from people and heaven above.
When faith is void in existence,
Doubts wil invade mind and thoughts rapidly..
It spreads throughout your spirit,
like a ruthless killing disease.
Compromise soon becomes ever Compelling,
Care mistaken with Control,
Understanding replaced with disbelief,
Love then mixed up with loathe.
Isn't that complicated?
While love can be as simple as ABC,
Mathematics involving just 1, 2 and that's it.
If you and I are meant to be together,
trust is needed to mend our crooked beliefs.
A budding rose deserves to breathe but why don't I let it grow?
As the years pass on with Renaissance of faith,
I vow to trust in you
though I can't see what lies in the dark.
Sorry for the Pain and Miseries I'd caused,
It's the brand new me,
dedicating to my one & only you.

Friday, May 1, 2009


It's my 21st Birthday. Never expected it could be such a blast... ")
The 1st celebration, I had my birthday dinner at Ingolf's Kneipe with Wendy, Liwern, Kuih, Shitty Papa Pimp, Weeliem and Ernie.

Then they gave this big box full of 21 presents which I need to guess one-by-one.. Hell i only hit the bullseye for around 2-3 times..kinda dumb =.= So Wendy forced few glasses of Dewar's and big portion of the bday cake into my stomach whenever i missed the answers.. I guess she's just doing her job..cant blame her XD Look what I've got.. cookies, Oreos, nail polish, toothbrush, tictac, rocky, tissues, on and so forth whatever nonsence..

people say good things come in small packages and best thing comes last.. I've got sucha nice Guess watch from them... the Dewars boiling in my stomach is worthwhile afterall...X)

The next day.. met up my 2ndary friends.
Besides my's also Gaik Chin(2nd left) and Meina's(3rd left)..3 of us have the consecutive kinda birthdays =p 25th,26th and 27th. kinda unbelievable!

Then following by the most surprising birthday celebration, took place at Naza. CSP had this plan up his sleeves since weeks or month ago.. He lied to me his friend got an accident and they're in the hotel room remedying the injured. I was being fooled by him into the room and there it was....
the movie scene..
lights off...
total silence...
paused for a few seconds...
then these whole bunch of excited friends walked out from the balcony into the room, singing Birthday song. I was so touched though I already smelt something fishy in the room, with the birthday cake's box on the table, the girls 'amchio' voice was within my earshot too.No matter how, thanks a lot to CSP, June, Siew, Ah Beng, Darren, ah Hong, a new girl which i've forgotten her name(I'm sorry) and ofcourse tht fucktard Mr. Daniel Joo. I've got his handsome pics below as memorablia X)
i'm lovin' it~~
At the mean time, I'm sorry I couldn't stay that night coz of my parents... but I really appreciate your effort =)
look at Joo and CSP's sexy ass

a perfect shot


Below are all the hearty gifts and I would like to expres my gratitude to all..
also to those lovely wishes I got throughout the week by all means, birthday card from Jae Hui, and anyting anyway just thanks a million to all with genuine hearts.

Thanks: Wendy, Ernie, Liwern, XingHao, CheeKang & Weeliem
Thanks: Felicia and Leelee, my kind Bosses

Thanks: Fiona from KL. You're so sweeet.. and I'm especially touched...

Thanks: CSP. Hand made Pink and Red Roses...They are so beautiful and heart melting.. you deserve a spank!!!

Thanks: Pop and Mudeah for the 1st ever Birthday gift from you both. I almost cried when I received this gorgeous Blue Sapphire diamoned's the most precious ring in the world I'll ever have
Thanks: Mudeah again for the W/G heart shaped charm bracelet.