Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28th of April

I had my worst day ever..
So sorry to CSP I had him rushed back and forth with me for the stupid key that didn't exist anywhere but in the bag itself. Got scolded badly by a stranger because of the key. Curse him!!

Now I realized everyday is a wonderful day~

Thank God anyway, the worst day but to look through a different perspective, It's actually a day with new experince and I'm contented.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm a lil' bit concerned right now.. never felt this worried before.
As you know going UK to study requires VISA and proof of funding which amounts to RM100,000. The families of students are starting to flood into the office and ask wateva sorts of questions. And logically speaking, monetary issue is highly sensitive, and anytime anyday out of nowhere u'll just get bombed by the parents for the things that has minor mistake or even things that are beyond my control. For instance, the University from Manchester issued the offer letter with the student's name spelt wrongly.

And I got bombed with that! What the fuck is wrong with them parents??!

Besides that, the new Visa Ruling by the British High Commission is that In order to pursue studies in the UK, one MUST have either FD, Saving A/C or Current A/C with the student's NAME as a Personal Account Holder OR as a Joint Account Holder.
Obviously the parents are highly irritated by this ruling because where the hell can them students get 100 grands? Also from parents right? so why the hell must the account consists of student's name instead of parents?

And I got bombed with that too! What the fuck is wrong??!

And now i jus did some miscommunication with the parents, all I'm telling is only the truth but I partly screwed up the conversation... coz all the while I'm not handling that particular student and what's between my boss and the parent is not within my knowledge! I'm just giving information based on facts and perhaps this is a trial for me to learn how 2 handle things more wisely?

I don't mean to pass the bucks, but what the fuck is wrong?!?

I'm Fucking stressful

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Officially an Education Advisor =3

Felicia and Leelee confirmed me in advance as the permanenet staff in the company. They told me I'm the exceptional case, haha XD I just hope that I do perform really well and to the satisfactory level =)

Anyhow, I'm still so unsure of my future career and study plan. No matter what, I'm still gonna be a gemologist, someday.... FOR SURE!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fairs Fairs Fairs

Still remember I woke up at 4.30am to catch the earliest flight to KL, it was the semi-annual British Education fair where I met different Universities' Heads from the UK. I worked with several Unis which my company represents, Queens University of Belfast, Staffordshire University and Manchester Metropolitan University, to name a few.
It was really an enjoyable experince meeting and working with them =B

With a bubbly lovely lady, Rosemary from Queen's Belfast

Had dinner at Hakka with Brunel's West London's Director Chris Chang and lecturer, Petra

Later on at night this endangered species visited me

Where he bought a box of......

and brought a bottle of....

which made it.....

sucha weird combination for my supper XD
But thank you so much for your hearty visit =3

A finishing touch to the education fairs for both KL and Penang, had dinner with Dr. Steve Brookes and Shayne Langlois from Manchester Met University, my 2 young bosses Felicia and Leelee at Ingolf's kneipe. Adieus to the tiring fairs for the month of March~

In conclusion, i realized most of the UK's men are very family oriented, which i can really see their strong love for wife and emission of the homesick feeling while they are away from home. Very sweet ain't = ) ??