Monday, March 16, 2009

Midst of March

Woke up at 5 odd to get my ass ready. Felicia, one of my bosses then arrived in a cab at 6.30 to pick me up. While we were having our breakfast she threw me a bombing news telling me she wants me 2 be the 1st person to know that another colleague will be given a pink slip. Such sudden news freaked me n I couldn’t imagine what would that colleague feel. Bottom line: 'Blabber mouth is suicide.'
Reached KLCC area at 9am, I saw her waving n smiling at me, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that moment later she’ll get the activated hand grenade, as she could still be so happy seeing me XS I truly felt bad 4 her from the bottom of my heart. Life goes on for her, same goes to me, I worked my fingers to the bone in the Fair from 12noon to 6pm, crowds of people came n gone. After the hard day's work, we had chinese food, then only got back to Impiana hotel. Well, 1st time ever in my history I’m gonna stay alone. Funny thing, I was so preventive I actually brought holy water, rosary and a pocket bible in my luggage! Luckily the room was so fine it didn’t give me any goosebumps.

Besides, timing was so right I was on the right time to catch MU vs Liverpool in the room!! It was totally swell because Red Devils lost till tao koh to The Reds, 1-4 in their Old Trafford itself. It’s worthwhile to give up strolling in pavilion or Isetan coz I got to see my Man!! Torres was Supercool+Supercute, Rooney was ballooney, Christiano my gay partner’s gay partner was the one I hate the most. My gay partner couldn’t accept the fact that his team must go Longpiak after the match he actually told me he don’t dare to touch the newspaper for the following few days..haAHhaa..poor MU fanatic, don’t you ever brag in front of me next time. Consider this a lesson for you! Scamper!

The following day, I’ve got the latest news from Tarc’s officer, telling me I can enroll in PENANG Tarc for the advance Diploma in Accounting probably with full scolarship! I dunno whether should I be thanking God for being so fortunate or feeling sad as I don't wish to give up my job rite now. Still having a great Dilemma, as people said opportunity only comes once, if you have the chance, don’t ever let it go.
After the 2nd day’s fair, dragging our exhausted body & soul preparing to go back Penang.
Soarthroat after doing all the talkings these 2 days.. -.-
Many things happened these 2 days..
I’m mentally exhausted more than physically..
But I’m glad as I got to meet you up for few hours in the mworn (: