Saturday, February 21, 2009

Make Your Life A-live

Ive been pondering what's life about since i was young..since i couldn't even remember..
It came across to me that at least 60% of the people i know don't live the life they fancy, or I would put it this way: their lifes are just plain Miserable. Not partially but completely piled up with shits and duties they don't reallly enjoy doing routinely n rigidly, n whats tht for??
For the sake of money, to satisfy others? or keeping up the par with others or even people they hate?? Now the plausible question is, what for u work so hard to please ur enemy??! Hereby i would like to give some words of encouragement to those minor group that i respect n highly look up to.. congrats coz u grabhold of the directions in ur life, u r now the captain of ur ship, master of ur own destiny, and this makes ur life in this world worthwhile..very much.

Everyday whence you open up ur weary eyes, 1st thing to do is to thank God for a new day.. God knows u even manage to get over another day or u might as well sleep untill forever..mayb we r too young for this feeling, but nothing is impossible, theres no 100% certainty for anything to happen or not to *God forbid*.. The gist is, Looking forward to ur everyday, whether its ur job or ur studies. I love to laugh to the hardest, Im not sure how true is this, but to me Happiness is the most invaluable assets on earth. Stay joyful hence healthy.

Im Dreaming of a life where a life is really alive, i can feel the meaning from it, satisfaction guaranteed after years of toil n hardships. A life that takes me around tis beautiful world.. no bondage with neverending workloads, freedom, life exploration, priceless experiences and ongoing upgradation. A life where there's a dream to catch.
When u realized what exactly you want for your life, u wouldn't even bother about how would people look at u, or merely just to judge you with how many branded Goods u're camouflaging ur true-self. By that time, keeping up with the Joneses wouldn't be the main concern. Like I said, the most important thing is to decorate ur heart but appearance. You don't really need to have LV or Gucci, you don't need bungalows in the hiclass neighborhood, you dun need Dom Perignon, rather u just need down-to-earth cheap beers n drink til u drop, of course its frown upon, coz being a girl, u need to know how 2 take very good care of urself, especially ur Body n soul. Coz it appears to me that, ur Body, is the one n only money-cant-buy holy temple for ur Soul, by the providence of God.. and thats a sad case for those girls who chase for fame on the outside and shame in the inside.
Its everyman for himself now, if u want something, just work ur ass out, theres no such thing as easy routes or free lunch.. the humans' nature are filthy and predictable..

On top of that, All along ur journey of life, do appreciate ur family and friends whether they r good or bad, genuine or fake, coz they r those who shaped us out today. Without them, probably u are another you, might be somethig bigger, or it could have also been a smaller you, but tryna be contented with ur current life, at least u dun hav wars in ur country, u got a home, u get 2 study, for those who r luckier they even get to go abroad fully sponsored by family, or speaking of inequity, sponsored by the racist ass-head-democrats. A research shown 75% of the people in tis world lives in poverty. by poverty itself means they suffer starvation. Imagine how many people in this world are less fortunate than you. If you dun blive in the figure or stil dont get what i mean, read more stories of non-fiction Genre, like Mother Theresa, or better still, if ure not a book person like me, watch the movie 'City of God', 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'Blood Diamond'. Bet u'll realize a lot bout life where it happens to you that truth is actually stranger than fiction.

Last but not least, tryna LOVE YOURSELF before expecting love from others, Period.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here I am dedicating to my lad,

Im wrapping myself in ur jacket which is black,
hoping to camouflage the loneliness that I wish to 4get,
But turns out my cheeks are already wet...

There were so many times tat I made u fret,
leaving ur spirit so ruin and rack,
sometimes I acted like a crab hence you call it PMS,
Those were the times when Im a pain in ur ass,
But u'll never known the cramp that I feel whenever i made you sad,
You can call me a Crass coz i noe I'm a Jaap.
Last sunday was the best day Ive ever had,
Like nobody's business we broke into a private sundeck,
We could have stayed longer if the owner didn't detect,
But consider ourselves lucky as we didn't get zapped.
I don't mind if we can only stay in the car biting BigMac,
I can live without Caviar or any abalone wrap,
As long as I can grab ur hand then I'll feel glad,
Do you know how cute u looked while eating butterscotch bread?

Now that we're so compatible like needle & thread,
Gradually u r making me completely mad,
crazy for ur side smile, craving for ur voice & laugh as we crap,
Coz it appears to me that its the sweetest lyrics Ive ever read.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wedding Dinner for 21s

Shittest wedding offence...coz i aint wanna mince my words.