Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Godfather

Materials: pen knife, papers, glue, backgrounds optional.
Who doesn't know Marlon Brando? Well, if you don't its all right, coz now you know =3
He's 6th feet under right now, but was once a man of fame, starring as Don Vito Carleone in the The Godfather Part I of the Trilogy. With all due respect, im making a piece of artwork tht I myself cannot resist..ngekkk... u'll understand me if ure also a fan of the movie ^^

I'll giv bit explanation of my work, but requires ur imagination 8)

From top to bottom, Mr Carleone literally in a sea of blood, next in camouflage(my love), The Hulk in disguise, lastly went dead n being thrown into the sea with fishes.. R.I.P

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Resolutions

  • Give out more & Expect less
  • Always be myself..never lose my cool at times of adversity.
  • Move into a new home
  • Start Gemology ( U.S. im looking forward to you)
  • Be more sociable i.e., less diffident
  • Be an Optimist
  • Gain more knowledge, whether by means of reading, traveling, or self-exploration
  • Be respectful to my old folks n elders though they aren't making sense some of the time.
  • Love.. . family, friends, my job, mother earth, GOD, myself, you, and you... n YOU!
  • Buy more movies,watch more movies..
  • Less criticizing, coz nobody's perfect.
  • More passionate towards the ills and the poor.
  • Further my interest in Musical instruments, languages, and Arts.
  • By mortal providence please let me hit the 4D..=.=
  • Last but not least, buckle up the backseat seatbelt starting from 1.1.2009!!