Tuesday, December 23, 2008

dawgs to give away

currently my house is like a zoo...i have 8 dawgs strolling in my house compound everyday, 5 pupppies and 3 old dawgs. just feel free to adopt 1 if u're a dog lover ^^

Sunday, December 21, 2008

D' Monte childcare & development centre

After working for a week at D' Monte..the conjecture im able to make consists of only one word: 'Fatigue'.. what u needa do everyday supposed to be quite routine..shout n shout at the kids...sumtimes it couldnt really work...guess im not a qualified shouter =.=
despite of the shouting job..playing wid the kids is very jolly..makes me feel young..HAaaa

Kids were making glutinous rice balls... i wonder who dares to eat it 'cept themselves..haa
this is mua Gurl..named Her Sheen. she's only 2.5 years old but speaks quite fluently, thts y i dote upon her,crazily..
Taada~~ disastrous rice balls.. comes in all typa shapes.
Boh with Qi Ze and Xinyi
With Goh, Boh and Hin
kids are meant to be naughty..haaa....i love such impressionable kid.Presents: pudding from Yana, mermaid stickered packet fr XinYi and Jelly beans from Janice.
thanks loads n i love you gurls, they r just so schweet^^

Sunday, December 14, 2008

my Hammock


Do u noe wat's the nicest thing about December? It's telling our friends we care n remember..
coz Christmas is on it's way!...
whether u're listening to Mariah Carey's x'mas carols, Baby Face or even track back to Frank Sinatra's...it's still the X'mas wonders filling up the upbeat tempo..

gotta tell tis 7-feet sexy hunk i love him so much..he's simply the most handsome X'mas tree ive ever had.
This girl is great..named Wendy. she's friendly n caring...very pretty too^^ but she always force us this bunch of innocent children to take liquor =.=''
Ghost with Clement. Never thought tht he was my primary schoolmates.. n the most dumbfounded discovery was disclosed. He said he's a taurean.. so i asked him the date as i sorta had a weird feeling tht his answers might turn out to be like wat i think it ought to be... n guess wat !!.. 8D B-I-N-G-O~same date like mine!~~
As for kuih Protector... ur absence of 1 month gonna bring less laughter to our group... but still i wish tht u're gonna hav loadsa fun in Europe...may it be France, England, or Prague..jus freakin keep in touch wid us u hear me? Make use of ur vacations n take loadsa pichas 4 me...cool??^^
n por favor, dun xia me with ur family guy goods over there in London..im gonna screw u wen u get bec...grrrrrRRrr~!!!
By the way..jus got a job as kindy teacher at tanjung tokong.. all my fren's doubted me in taking care of children..lol...i wonder do i look like a cruel stepmother typa girl?haha..anyway, it's jus a job to kill time n gain some baby sitting experience...keep my fingers crossed tht i wont need to clean up the poo poo n pee pee those small creatures emit ....im gonna be so damn !@#$%^ up tht time.
i wan a hammock rite now ..any1 build 1 for me??

Dear God, give us today our daily bread & forgive us for our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us. let us be renewed on this coming X'mas.. No matter how beautifully u've decorated ur house or the trees....the most important thing is not to forget to decorate ur heart. Love n care for those who need it the most. Amen.