Thursday, November 27, 2008


For all the torments which afflict the mind of a man, the pain of jealousy were the most intolerable and had the sorest sting. -Shakespeare-

Jealousy typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety that occur when a person believes a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival. Jealousy often contains a mixture of emotions such as anger, sadness, disgust.

People do not express jealousy through a single emotion or a single behavior. They instead express jealousy through diverse emotions and behaviors, which makes it difficult to form a scientific definition of jealousy. Scientists still do not have a universally agreed upon definition of jealousy. They instead define jealousy in their own words, as illustrated by the following examples:

"Romantic jealousy is here defined as a complex of thoughts, feelings, and actions which follow threats to self-esteem and/or threats to the existence or quality of the relationship, when those threats are generated by the perception of a real or potential attraction between one's partner and a (perhaps imaginary) rival."

"Jealousy, then, is any aversive reaction that occurs as the result of a partner's extradyadic relationship that is real, imagined, or considered likely to occur."

"Jealousy is defined as a protective reaction to a perceived threat to a valued relationship, arising from a situation in which the partner's involvement with an activity and/or another person is contrary to the jealous person's definition of their relationship."

The experience of jealousy involves:
=Fear of loss
=Suspicion or anger about betrayal
=Low self-esteem and sadness over loss
=Uncertainty and loneliness
=Fear of losing an important person to an attractive other

Complicated huh?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Biography of LeeMei

What can i say? He's a Legend! ! !
(u might get confused a lil',please adjust 'HE' to 'SHE' if it better suits u)

I met him at the age of 15,ever since then he's my soul,we have this mutual understanding,partly because he's also a transgender(M-->F) from Thailand since we were born.Let's start with his physical attributes 1st. He's 1.68, XXKG..well i always wanted him to do more exercises but im sure there r guys out there who loves bak bak kut kut(not boney, here i mean smooth-smooth-skin) Ah Qua also rite?? =D
His big eyes always give the impression of anxiety and blurry look. yet i think that hes darn adorable. He's getting prettier as days come by(just 敷衍 u) XD
After all these years our friendship still remains thing, he's extrememly clever, good IQ, good humor,good memory.. but lazy lika pork.
He gets loquacious n loud in front of his best frens, but goes real reserved or sumtimes blushed like a babboon's ass when he embarrased himself.
he's a big fan of Korean Pop but he aint a taiwanese stylo.
he's a braggart with frens but humble with strangers.
he's lazy to study but he never fails in exam.
he's witty with frens but recluse with strangers.
he's disgusting in nature but cute with no pretending job.
he's full of retarded ideas but he never had the guts to execute them. So im the experimental labrat all the time..Leemei, u watchout, coz u owe me a lot of spanks on ur sorry Arse!~
Owh, im sorry but im about to disclose ur weakness here..he's afraid of furry animals coz my ex-pet named Gaylou bit her, just imagine a Gaylou bit an AhQua..tht's so Freakin' hilarious!!~

Biography of Ghost

*Picture deleted:requested by Ghost*
Her real name is Phei Sze. Pretty lass with big eyes, Height 1.64 weight around XXkg but i noe she needs to gain weight,heee.Many must have wondered why she's named Ghost. Well.. the backdrop of this name dates bec to form4, when we 1st became classmates. Her look always gave the feeling like everybody's owing her a lumpsum of monies or as if everybody's done sumthing sorry to her in past lifes.
Back then..
She seldom smiles,
she hardly talks,
she never jokes,
she barely grins.

sounds scary right? XD bsides she's d one always forgotten by us, we didn't do it on purpose,perhaps she's being too quiet or she'd mastered the skill of contorting her limbs or shrinking or invisibilized herself ?!!?!! hmm,sumtimes it's terrifying when I watched at our group photos and found out that her limbs were gone!~Either upper or lower...most horrendous i'd seen was her body's all gone,all that's left was just her head popping out from between us.. =o=" Tadaa~ there she went embracing that name ever since ^^

But as years past by she's grown to be a fine n cheerful young lady (we've returned everything we owed her XS) As a matter of factly, She's a good hearted lass..the eldest among 4sisters at home,highly responsible, diligent, devoted to be a full time filial daughter,well, im really proud if i were her parent :) She's stil quiet like usual, but undeniably she's getting cheekier n more n more alike Dorothy+LeeMei who's reputed as image spoilers. She looks like an angel but sumtimes a devil in disguise! WoooOops..i mean a ghost in disguise! oh, scuse mua..She's like a hot cake! hell loadsa bees trying to sting her be fast,be quick if u think shes ur type!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Lemme abridge the stories over my recent unemployed life. 'Alice' is what ive screwed into my mind, well actually not I,but from my Chums Papa Pimp and CK,and also my new friend Wern a.k.a Ah Sou..(shes sucha great gurl!!^^)

with my cousin
Tada!!~ Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah...d one who lost to Anwar in the Permatang Pauh Election.
sucha cute ah cik who can speak chinese... i asked him for photographs..who wud miss out tht chance??

wid C.K (retard)..his clothes made me 'phewwwit~' ..thanks 4 wearing it out on purpose XD