Monday, October 20, 2008

samples of Jewelry designs

These are some of the jewellery designs i produced n would like to share with those who r interested.
coz came to me tht quite a number of frens asked me bout the course n locations.
Behold, im jus amateur n not enrolling in any courses.
but to be downright, Malaysia hardly provides promising jewellery designing course.ehem, no offense XD (n bcareful if u enrolled in 'sum' colleges which wil take ur design n make it as theirs XS)

Usually a design requires front view only, particularly for the customers. But under sum circumstances, side view n end view are vital n indispensible. especially wen the designers are required to communicate with the workman, so to reduce the possibility of misperceptions 2wards the designs.

Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire cluster Ring in front, side & end views. Princess-cut gemstone with melee diamonds surrounding the middle of ring shank.
Classic elegance designed Bracelet
Princess-cut Diamond weighing 1.192 carats set in 8-prongs setting. Also in front, side & end views

that's all folks.hope u gain sum insight knowledge ^^
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mimi boy

Missy, here's yar homework ^^