Sunday, September 21, 2008

Went to KDU to support Tiffany's Project Module.. it was a successful project i would say, food were selling like hot cakes...bsides.. cheap and tasty.. Kudos to Tiffany^^
i guess i'll let the images do the talking tis time.
The california roll only costed 1.2 .. Her teammates
Chicken Loaf 3.5
n then went to Segi College to attend the food fair.. big crowd n shoo loud!
food were total opposite from Tiffany's..hahaa...
the cup cakes were hilarious with the colorful icing..
n last nite i went to Gurney fo Lynnz Birthday, Guess who i saw..
a total bombshell Amber Chia!!~...she was shoo eye catching...definitely whole lot prettier than what ive seen in the mags or posters.
Happy birthday to Lynnz. had our dinner at Chilli's.
Lamb Shoulder
Triple the way, i wonder wats so special about tis plate...its like everytime i go to Chilli's tis plate must come onto the table Xp

Met two of my primary classmates. and got to noe a new fren J.Lo
last but not least, a hearty gift to LynnZ...hope u like it ^^

Monday, September 15, 2008

BKK Trip

Godsped, it was a jolly trip to BKK^^.
I got to see all sorta fresh new thangs in BKK after 10 years since my last visit. Besides the enormous Woow Woow Gems & Jewellery Fair in the Impact Challenger, the Hip n Hop buildings and gorgeous people.. i would say, really caught my attention,n undeniably, BKK is a place worth to visit again...very soon =3

1st, the Siam Paragon in Siam Square is the 1st class comsumer's visiting spot. I couldn't find any other brands other than Tod's, Hermes, Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Cartier, Chanel, Dolce& Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Burberry Mulberry..urrghhh...blueberry or watsoover Siam Berries =.= All these kinda stores were mushrooming the Paragon & seemed like there're intense competition among themselves. coz every single shop possess their unique luxurious& swanky interior designs n goods..complicated brands >.<

We also took a ride in the Bangkok Sky Train down to Sala Daeng, a place meant for nocturnal hamsap ghost(Nihon-Jin especially Xp) I was shoo freaked out to have seen the bars which were reeking of sultry..n all the strippers n dancers shakin' on the dance tables.. it was like 10-20 virtually identical strip bars all located on the same row...each next to the next, i wonder how they survive with such competition...The waiters were draggin& pullin me into the bars, all i need to pay was like 100baht.. Woosh...tht was cheap >.<
Sala Daeng's certanily a sincity.

other than tht, The traffic was extremely congested and the air...fuuuh~~ kncoked me dead...
ohya, 2 things special bout the cab in BKK:
1st, Drivers didnt even noe how to go to the destinations we pointed, luckily my pop was diligent enuf 2figure out n communicate with the drivers. A standing ovation for my pop^^
2nd, They have the discretion to bring you in tow, OOoor NOT to. Its them choosing the passengers n not the otha way round =.= so u betta keep ya fingers crossed when u're rushing to the airport or bus stations.

And YEsshh yeshhh....the world famous watergate of Bangkok-Pratunam. Hustle n bustle with loadsa crowds we cudnt even walked's the best place to shop for clothes but it's too bad fo us as our time were on great demand, we only lurked there for 2 hours then left, which my dad said we didn't even finish 1/100 of the whole pratunam. Imagine the squarefeet of tht place ;p

Welcome to BKK with Mr. Singha's gweeeetings!~
hard to believe i actually used tht baggage!! =.= it was scraped out fr the bottom of barrel.
the Oxtail soup... missshh it loads man..
Siam Paragon

Bangkok Sky Train station

Sala Daeng, had all the Japanese wording on the Neon signboards,particularly to attract the Japs
wooo hooo...3x + 5x optical zoomed. nice legs there ahoy~
okay..these were the thangs i associated wid at nite...n of course missing you.

The Impact Challenger
Can u believe tis place's a School? It was reallly huge n posh with Fuji Restaurant,Swensen n otha restaurants inside... its called the 'EduTainment' place...a new word we shud all learn =p
PAD's Leader Sondhi eh? Xp

Silom city from the hotel balcony..colorful ain't?? ^^

BKK Airport

See how my pop utilized the empty seats =.=

SO long~ i love you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It is highly frowned upon to visit Bangkok at this intense moment,but not to worry my dearie friends and especially you Baba from the Baba ailen. X) The situation is under good control. n I promise I wont slip a feet closer to the government houses...*cross my heart* ^^
Till then, I'll make full use of my business trip to the Gems and Jewellery Fair, as it's the golden opportunity not to be missed!
Departing at 6.30a.m. stil 30 minutes to go...
My heart surely weighs like a tonne =( this may sound stupid, but I really miss you guys.

Guess I betta budge my ass now, prior to my departure, Show me a light-headed Devilish SMirk Ya'll ~~ Ima s well demo for u here

Oh yeah~~ S S....chipa chipa~~ XD

Promise me to be happy n cheery lads and lasses,all the best in exams ^^
*Keep on Keepin' on Babee~*

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof

i truly understand what u're goin thru Mr J... lol....
btw, the joker n the batman are casted by the same guy,cool huh?