Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Just want U 2 Be H.A.P.P.Y

When ur heart turns cold,
Grief & disappointment will freeze ur soul.
Ur World, though seems fallen,
is not all misery & sorrow, Coz
There are Flowers upon the thistles,&
The thorns are covered with Roses.

Just like the Dusk is overcome by Dawn,
The night is overcome by Brightness,
The anger u rage is overcome by FORGIVENESS,&
The pain you feel is overcome by Optimism.

With the tone of ur voice i can sense the burden you carry,
It is beyond anyone's bearing capacity.
It excruciates you, inside until it tears you apart.
But the trials that you face,
will definitely shape you into a Man with Regal Grace.

As long as there're Obstacles & Hardships,
The journey goes on forever.
As long as there's smile on ur face,
The happiness shines on forever.
As long as there's blood in ur vein,
The spirit lives on forever.
So, Please don't follow what you see,
follow the Rhythm within ur heart.. Coz
As long as i'm with you,
Take my hand, and we'll Overcome the Adversities Before Forever would end.

*Dedicated to a person i truly care*
Dorothy Jen
23rd August '08

Friday, August 22, 2008


Special day of a special year, n Jeeah, it's Joanne's Birthday ^^ !! I was in the mood for red, as i was tagging along my red son in my bag XD
We yamcha at Bali Hai at 9a.m. sharp.
I was in a total eye poppin' situation to have met 2 guys in the BMW 5-series waving n smiling at me while i was walking into Bali Hai O.o they looked really familiar which kept me wondering for quite a while.. n Gawshh,, i finally recollected my lame memory n they were actually Benson n Nicky!
Lol, these guys freaked me out sumhow, kinda 'destined' to bump into them out of the blue..

With my cute birthday daughter who looks like 15 year-old while she's already 20..

posed as Siu Keong... alamak.... he's such a cheap Jeng XD
what's tht??!
a guy from China asked fo photograph..
After the DimSUm, we walked to Matsuki Japanese Restaurant fo lunch.. OK, i noe tis sounds crazy, a lunch rite after our breakfast =.='' but we gotta grab the time left fo us....coz every second counts!! haaaa~~
Then we went to Gurney Plaza as LeeMei n WUwu wanted to meet up their UUM friends. I was launched to play the same old 'Get-His-Number' game again..URrrgghhh, tak boleh tahan tis time coz i went exploded n bursted into laughter once I asked the guy & watched him nodding his head... Totally screwed up which made me budged away as fast as i could XP
Seriously, no next time..

Wuwu with teary eyes at the moment we're about to apart....
dun shed ur tears my dear..coz u'll alwyas be in my heart... a finishing touch to our day...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leemei's 20th Bday

It's the Joie de Vivre once again when my bunch of 'boyhood' Chums finally budged their arses back to the island. I've been entrusted with the task to plan Leemei's biggie day....well honestly Penang has got only one decent mall to go--->Gurney Plaza... XD
Reeeeli million Thanks to Lynnz for her recommendation, we settled ourselves in a posh restaurant with simply gorgeous chandeliers n decorations^^

We were so oblivious of the enormous crowds waiting to be seated.. In order to preserve our maniacal sanity..we picked out 3 Cams n started snapping here n there =B
Guess whose legs r those.. i'll chop off their legs fo u if u solved it. heeee Candid shots....quite misshapen faces fo all.. coz we-no-models larh..
Lynnz and Mei ..heads too big covering me TT

Wuwu a.k.a. Ghost, Xj Shinoda and Mei
Cuteeeeee ^^

She actually picked up the mini candles with her NOSTRILS!!!! O.o
Why so serious? i was jus kidding tht day..hahaha
Cutting the cake...or murdering?
Xj Shinoda's crinkle special effect intended
The reason we name ourselves 男人

i wanna eat ice-cream... neh..the one in da middle wan :D
Lynnz and I

Later on we headed to Batu Feringghi, weather was simply perfecto with all sorta water sports on demand-peak. we basked & doped in the glorious golden rays of summer ... it's sho amazing feeling the gentle sea-breeze, as if the nature has sumthing hush-hush to whisper at you..

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away~~..lalalala~~...let's take off in the blue~~

Leemei's a beach Girl!!!
With her friends
a cute lil' girl staring across the distant ocean.. dun loook so sad will you?? u're just too lil' to contemplate bout the footprints u'll be following.
n Jeaaahhhhhhh~~~ illegal trades happening in Batu feringghi XP totalled up 11 DVDs.. enuf to survive fo another 2 months perhaps ^^
Leemei, wish u had a wonderful 20th Birthday, although the time we spent was literally obliterated by inevitable means. We shall meet very soon aite aite?? ^^ I love u gurls sho sho much..
Mei, WUwu, LynnZ, Joanne & XJ..
You are my light,
You are my pride,
You are my Life.

Monday, August 18, 2008


To be downright, i've been a subhuman for nearly a month!! It's like a total lost of contact with the society and people =.=''
Rigid life overwhelmed me thus drowned me in a state of labyrinth as a result of paranoia state of mind regarding my future. When i sat down to contemplate, always the minute i got close to the answer that i'd be sent blindly into a blackhole of confusion. ZzzzZzzzzz
Tht's y i rather let-go of the problems...what a loser huh?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr *_*

Charlie Chaplin in the Tramp..who would be ignorant of tis legendary Comedian. ^^
we laughed, we enjoyed n we remember, the leech-like moustache guy with tight coat, oversized trousers, and of course, the shoes.. and perhaps the bamboo cane for him to sing n dance??... lol, forget bout the singing part... the movie aint audible Xp

i think tht the flower he's holding kinda withered... n i dislike seeing sad+dying stuffs...shoo.. ..
a rose to brighten up his day !! ~~

Friday, August 8, 2008


I lost my DS card-reader... yeah, consequence of throwing stuffs anywhere n anytime i like >.<

n 2day, of course of course...the 1st day of Beijing Olympic.
the opening ceremony certainly is the grandest ive ever seen! how i wish if they wud allocate those money fo better usage... perhaps to the poors in China? (ignore it if u dun agree wid me)

i jus wanna hav a peaceful time wid my computer.. but my mum keep on asking me to watch... 'Luk at the fireworks!--- luk at the minister of Russia (who da hell's tht??) ---- Luk at the dancers!'
she keeps on calling me until i tilted my head.. sumtimes jus so lazeee to bother =.=
bsides...she says 'aiyoh... ben lor ni.... wei shen me bu yao kan? '
n i tik 2 maself... nice to watch mer??? =.=
Cute mama....enjoy ur show okaeee anot?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guess Who?

Guess who??? bet it's a toughie..haha!!
im sorry coz im lack of skills....he doesnt look much like d one i wanted to draw =.=but im gonna giv u a clue...he has got d same name like ma Dad... (lol....who d hell noes who's my dad's =.=) Actually, i drew him coz of his charisma, the serious look which could sink a thousand ships... Yayyyy~~ Xp

Friday, August 1, 2008

Marilyn Monroe, the Femme Fatale

Sexy isn't she?
i love her shoo shoo much.. coz she's such a bombshell... simply Drop Dead GORGEOUS!
i mean..jus look at her juicy lips! her seductive high voltage eyess..n of course her trademark mole..whooosssh...totally fell for her >.<

well..tis is ma 2nd stars potrait sketch following Michael Buble's.. please do tell me if there's any part tht i needa improve ^^
thanksss loadsssss