Thursday, July 31, 2008

Call me Irresponsible

Here comes the lazy river guy.. guess who I drew this whole afternoon =3
I've got tis CD from my fren Mr Joe.. n i've been keeping it for sho sho long,havent even tore the plastic cover.. xp sorry..bein busy busy ..
n to my surprise it consists of 2 CDs...wooow wooow....
bsides, the cover's kinda 'classy' look which attracted me to draw a potrait of MB ^^

In Blue n in Red...jus like Cookie n Elmo!!!

lately, ME = a potrait gung-ho >.<

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tiffany setting Solitaire Diamond Ring

Settled down myself for a quick sketch of solitaire ring..
actually just wanted to practice my coloring skills... im stil O-K wid color pencil so far... i guess.
Tiffany's setting is basically a name used for rings with only prongs setting, whether it's 4 claws or 6 or 8 claws. It's simple so to bring out the beauty of the stones, by beauty i mean the lustre n fire reflected to our human eyes.

anyways...I've started to say no to caffeine 2day,coz heard tht its no good 4 health... >.<
Latte, no thanks, cuppocino, no thanks.. ( goin 2 scratch n crawl my fingers cross my head xD)

All in all, i gain bec my goes on...
keep on spinning babee~

Monday, July 21, 2008

Leemei's a happy folk

1st of all, im not 'mentally hilarious'..
Leemei, Wuwu...both of u elate me :p
more stories of Siu Keong?? xp

arh...anyway..just forget bout siu keong..=.=

been sleeping at 2 am everynite stretching for a week. n 2mr's a workin day again... God,please bless me..coz im not feeling tht well...please liberate me from these weirdy feelings, Amen..

Our Father in Heaven, Holy Be thy name~~

Saturday, July 19, 2008

All about change..

Tiffany rang us up fo a small gathering, n yeah.. hell i miss ya gals loads^^
However, i was taken aback once i reached their table..all of em have something clutching to them, n Bada Bing Bada Boooom, It's their sweet stuff called Boy friend, or perhaps Hubby =p
Anyhow, i was really glad to see sweet smiles on their pretty faces, It's more than enough for me to see my friends happy =3

With Min Min, Tiffany, LynnZ and Pei 'ing.
Pei 'Ing n her sweet stuff J.C. (gawsh..same initials like mine >.<) LynnZ and her sweet stuff ....shEeeeet...forgot his name again!!~
Tiffany n huggable Jia them.. i tik J.W. looks much like my college class rep Weng Hau..
It's me n Min Min...we were part-time lesbo that day...*giggle*
Lesbo doesnt mean Min Min is single like me.. she stil has her honey muffin in Australia...

Life changes, the earth goes turning every second, n we all change.. can't stop thinking bout how childish we were 4 years ago.. n Poof! look at us now...

Since that day..i've learnt a lesson. When a couple goes lovey dovey in front of u.. all u hav to do is to act blind :p owwhh...i was shooooo blind that day...hAhaaa..

well..hopefully Lynnz will transfer her pics fo me anytime soon.. coz the above pics were scraped from the bottom of barrel.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jewelry Designing

Been practising n' designing handcrafted jewelleries these 2 months in Kae Jih. I need more inspirations =.=
n Sriously i need to improve my skills...

Bi-colored piece.. has always been my favorite ;p the yellow Gold can be substituted with Pink Gold..
Contemporary yet classical chunky Man's ring set with Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire(channel-set) and Baguette Diamonds(channel & invisible-set).

the 1st design is almost made up of Gold... n my Boss loves to see gemstones,i mean the bling bling effect.. so i guess it wont work out fo the time being.
the 2nd wan would be super costly to be executed to a finish piece. so.... Keep on dreaming, Dorotiii...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Days in southern Thai..

Departed at 5a.m. sharp, was so drowsy since i only had 3 hours sleep the nite before.
A 2 1/2 hours drive to the MY-TH border, and another 1 hour drive to the city of Hadyai quite wore me out..
Reached Songkhla's shelter at nearly 9pm, thank God i finally got to rest at the house for the next few hours.. n my sis n i was sho excited to get our fingers back to piano after losing contact for 6 round yearssss..... urrghhh...i couldnt play well nymore... sob sob TT
So we ate, we showered, we exercised our fingers...n off we go to the city at 5...
Dad went to the fitness centre n what else can gurls do in Hadyai???? ;p
It's always the same malls over n over again >.<
all located jus 1 or 2 blocks away.. thts y many ppl thought tht Hadyai has only 3 streets...hahHAh..
later at nite, we went to the nite market. It was super huge n simply too crowded.
things were cheap but of course, poor quality. so we walked for 10minutes then off for our late dinner at 9.30pm.
we hit the Laser Disc pub.. man i love tht place sho much..especialy the ambience and the band.
the pub was decorated with really cool stuffs, we could see all the laser discs hanging on da wall...especially 70's and 80's rock bands.. loveeeeeee them loads... reminds me much of that's '70s show =3

It's Elmo in Thailand telling u 'Sawadeee Kap' hehe...couldn't imagine Elmo speaks Thai...gonna make me burst my rice n tears...

Da largest city in southern Thai

Jie Jie playing the piano which's already in a poor condition, seriously, it needs tuning treatment...all the sound went off Key =.=
VEry wuliao rite?
Saw ma name s a classical piano piece.. so old fashioned thanks to my Dardee RONALD McDonald of Thai...cute not?? yeah babeey, i tik u're sho handsome..
street outside the malls..2 huge malls located jus opposite to each other.. gweat huh...good 4 shopaholics..

A baby neighbor... very squeezable ^^.
Inside The Laser Disc

Heineken clothed in Chang beer.. bwahaha

the lady Vocal's so hoawwwt~~
my Pop n Mr. Heineken

Darn excited!! laser disc of Ozzy..Hail Ozzy Osbourne!!!

At the house's balcony..gweat place if i had frens here wid me..we can chit chat all nite long~~~~

c how we took our breakfast...extremely no 气质 lar wey >.<
Only in Thailand
never forget my dawgs b4 we got bec home.. we bought a 20kg food 4 the 3 stupid muskateers.
tis shop is big...kinda freaked out to c the food all stacked up to the roof!!
n also lollipops s snacks for dawgs....
Big Faat Arsee...bulat n cute thou ^^

these lines are fo the telephone use.. kinda tangling n messed up stuffs decorating the road.
Thais fo sure love to sing .. haaa
Goodbyeeee...shall c u again..

short clip of lousy skills..haaaa

Friday, July 11, 2008

evaporation of Dorothy

im gonna dissapear from Malaysia for 3 days..
i Hope n i Wish tht everything's gonna be fine for each n everyone of u..
U and U and pointing at dun ask who...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

funny design

It was another rigid day designing jewelry at Kae Jih.. then my dad came wid a south sea baroque Pearl.. he said to me 'design a bee or an ant with this pearl..okay?'
n i went Thinking.. Bee or an Ant?? is it goin 2 be marketable arrrr??? who loves Bee and Ant =.=?? y not i design mosquito or fly out of it?? >.<
yeah, thts me always counter-back in ma mind

It's a high lustre black baroque Pearl.. so i drew a penguin, but it failed to illustrate the penguin since it's body shud be snowy white =.=
after a few times of Trial & Error..i finally found my inspiration.. n's a bear hugging its big round tummy ^^ n my dad nodded his simply too excited fo his approval..
As u can see, Its hands can be utilized to hold on the pearl... n the special part----its head can be changed.. kinda like twist n turn n clip on at the bec..
but rite now im stil figuring out how to change their farnee heads =3
keep ma fingers n toes crossed that a cute finish piece can be produced..
sesame street's characters r considered s alternatives *no sesame no Dorothy* haha....mayb can try on enamelling...n bet thts gonna be reeealllli cool.. (lemme intro u guys to ma best childhood frens. from top to Bottom: Elmo, Bert, Cookie Monter, Oscar, Ernie, & Grover)

Monday, July 7, 2008


I think of the moment when I first met you,
N how unexpected It was to have met you out of the blue.
I think of the few seconds I squeled in delight when you surprised me with Elmo&Oscar,
N how I was flabbergasted by your truthful soul.

I think of the moment we strolled along the beach,
The time flew by, as fast as our footprints being vanished by the surging waves.
I think of you holding my arms when I toddled into the sea,
N how warm I felt being protected by you.

I picture you in my mind,
N I'm really happy that u finally stared me longer right into my eyes.
I think of how alone I was before you came to me,
N the joy I felt when you said 'I MISS YOU'..

I'm proud the be the heart of you,
choose to make a friend..
Resonance of our incessant laughter shall always stay in me,
Until we meet again.....

Mr Dorothea Jen
7th July '08