Saturday, June 28, 2008's Graduation Day =3

It's 28th of June '08, reached there at 8am n had my name registered. darn my heels started to kill me since in the early morning.. it was probably due to too much heels in the earlier days.. few days of heels in a row.. =.=
Met Vera once i reached... n also Joosim n Mimi.. sho happy for this book prize award ^^ 2 years of toil finally paid off =3

It's me wid XuanTi and Leemei ..i bet Xuanti Misses Leemei much.. they're best friends since in primary school..
sumbody threw the flower into my hood.... hmm...its only meant for the scroll excuse muaah.. Leemei asked me to pose bside the longkang.... meaningless shot =.=

Drink Vic's Mineral water for smarter brain!~ (u wish!!) cant face people...the mortar board simply made my fringe too 'WEIRD' ...(sweat+flat iron)

Dad:' What the tooooot(mute)..she's taller than me?? how can tis Be??...NNNoooOOoooo~~'
wid my primary school classmate, name's Toak Hou..
JaeMin i reckon thts his name.. personally i find tht he looks like Peter parker (asian version)..haaa
overall shot... the 2x optical zoomed version... dun u feel tht she looks like the balloon meant for flower decoration?? Eeerie...haaaa (Made in Venus)

with shitty Xing and CheeKang...we were trying to compete who's got the most flowers...(i've got another one in my hood...shhhHhhh)
I love you Mr. Lim...u're my superIdol~~~ ^^ can i squeeze u ar? leemei enjoying being hydrated , but seriously the water really tasted shooo good...its sweet ==..guess we were too thirsty

with Sherlyn

i had too much fun with frens til i 4got to attend the press conference...sharkssss..>.< long, Tarc...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hail Spain!!~ sho freakin glad.. Spain scored 3...n as for Russia eats 0..
Engkai..who called them to play dirty ><
again..Casillas made a great save!!!...He's sooo good.^^

let us pray that germany's gonna lose in the Final.. die die die Germany Xp
i wil conduct voodoo on ballack n Lahm..
n schweinsteiger, u go kiss ur girl friend will do...

now i can go sleep wid a smile on ma face... goodnite =3

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gurney ..Again..

signature action from meina

yaaarhh....u're too cute to be true..

Gathering with my friends... knew them wen i was in form3..these girls are really playful n chicky bunch.. reminds me of good old days playing in school, we did all sorts of wuliao stuffs..there was once we played wid the water guns..n there came the dicipline teacher chasin us all the way from classroom to classroom...we played hide n' seek, and eventually we got trapped in the toilet...haha.. no where else to go except mopping the floor in the Hall.
n many other times we loafed to 1-stop's star KTV to sing K, or go to the nearby mamak stall ate murtabak n roti canai,lol... nthen we walked bec to school again =.= was really cool...coz we used the main entrance of the school n none of the teachers noticed us...

JeeHoon, Keng Hoon, and Meinarrr

Sooo Adorable ><

Showing off our

Ahh Naarrr...u look really so scared TT..n Leemei, y u blushed?

haha.....Good punch!!~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great Escape

After the night at starbucks, Wuwu n I straight went to Ah Mei's house in Teluk Bahang. To many, Teluk Bahang may seem to be jus another Village..but to is fabulous place for short vacation. Of course, again, the pictures will do the talking.
It was really fun pillow talking with my halfly sobered friends and i really treasured every moment with them.. Nobody knows when's the next time that we'll b able to spend quality times 2gether since the University is calling them.
So to begin the story, we transformed into 3 blind mice in the wee hours.. haha..we didnt switch on the light nor make any sounds since we didnt want to awake Mei's family. okay...fine...we whispered in a loud way =.=..
After that we jumped into the bed.. Although we promised to watch the sunrise together, but our instincts told us that we'll never gonna make it becoz of our past failure experiences. then... Bingo!!~... Leemei and WUwu slept like dead PIGS... i woke up but the sky's pouring the rain. ><

reminds me of photos in newspaper.. familiar eii?

Life's a bed of ROSessss~~ OoooLAlaaa

A Walk on the Sea

We were so relaxed lookin' at the cloudy sky...but was too bright...=3

These young guys were brave...askin' for photographs.. haaaaa

our Big n Small picture.. looks like im a lollipop..

haaa..i love thisss
what r u tryin' to express =.=''' especially Wuwu holding 2 packs of Milo Peng...

crazy girl.. im gonna drive a truck over ur body lar....back n forth summore ...ngek ngek...

Took my breath away~~

The sand's a bit blackish
After that, we Hit Sunset Bistro with our dirty kitten look after playin on da beach.While i was sitting n staring across the distant sea, trying to get a peace of mind, this guy approached asking to befriend with him. Lol, i tilted my head to friends n stifled my impulse to laugh, was thinking another Lame-O again.. i Lied to him that i dun hav numbers in Malaysia.. then he asked fo my email. sorry coz i dun noe him. n are some tips 2 know a girl...never learn from this guy..he was usin the worst technique to know a girl. the reasons are:1. too old fashioned 2. *yawn* 3. Lame 4. too eager isnt gonna bring u anywhere.
Okay.. a more successful way..
Not long after that, a waitress approached with a 'HEy, r u a local?' it was weird.
we chit chat for a while n finally.. found out tht she's jus a messenger for the 3 guys sitting near my place. Thought things would end there, but then, the waitress came again, this time with a menu on her hand..she recommended me some drinks..n also for Leemei n Wuwu. damn....the drinks were like RM20 , RM30, n Rm40. I said no thanks but she insisted that i Order..
well, i really duno whats long island, n whats hawaiian punch. so i jus let them choose since they were those who picked up the tab.
lol.. weird things do really happen.. These guys are actually Paul from Japan who treated us the drinks, another Benson n Ricky from KL. All are pure bananas. to my surprise they were really great guys, i mean like a good sport, witty, doesnt need to break the ice, n most importantly, they dun ask for numbers.

Looks like a cute baby sucking its thumb.. awwh....feel like huggin it in my arms..
the almighty birdy...the naughtiest thing i've ever met >< kept on biting my backpack string..

Beautiful sunset

Duno what drinks r these..
see the difference between the 3 drinks...sooo farnee