Sunday, May 18, 2008

Listen to their sorrows, pray hard for their survivals

Heart rending pic..can u c those small kiddo lying as if they r asleep?

Natural disasters are d most horrific n terrible events tht could ever happen to us.

it's unpredictable n comes in a sudden tht nobody can ever avoid it.

Imagine seeing death in front of u n u're jus so helpless, n everybody's screaming so frantically!~

nobody's gonna answer to u what's happening coz nobody noes what the hell's happening!

im sure u guys are aware of d conditions in Burma as well as China.

the Cyclone Nargis has swapped away hundred thousands of lives and another many others went missing in Burma. It is predicted tht a 2nd round of cyclone to hit Burma anytime.
n oh ya...those figures arent really d real's being reported by Burmese official only,if u noe what i mean.
people, we gotta pray hard for those victims!! Let us hope tht more lives can be saved..
Ask for God's forgiveness and mercy.
Corpses now seem trivial,
Death seems like tranquilty.
a riddle goes like tis : what is death in these cases?
answer: fatal=vital injury. a ot of sighsss....
In nomine Patris, et Filii, Et spiritus Sancti , Amen

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Which one is yours?

latest product of KaeJih Jewellers (KJJ).

This is a big pendant, about 2/3 the size of my palm, n it looks cool, isn't it?
The spacial part about it is...It consists of 12 brithstones from January to December. So which one is Yours? Lemme show you ^^

(From the centre whirling to the outer zone =3)

January -- Garnet (several colors: red green yellow n so on)
February -- Amethyst (Purple)
March -- Aquamarine (Aqua)
April -- Diamond or White Sapphire ( Colorless)
May -- Emerald (Green)
June -- Pearl (Milky i reckon ;p )
July -- Ruby (pigeon's blood Red)
August -- Peridot (Green)
September -- Blue Sapphire (Blue...fei hua =.= )
October -- Opal ( colorful)
November -- Citrine (Yellow)
December -- Zircon or Turquoise ( Light Blue)

Mine's women's best friend >.<

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dare Buddies

funny shot, YC in front looks kinda dumb ..n d shitty Xing teleportin,hey u NERD

these are my P.I.G. & Dare buddies..

1. Shitty Xing

2. Chee Kang, a.k.a soon to be Andy Lau

3. Chia Yong

4. sexy girl Jia Wenz

5. Yi Chong

other members include Audrey n Ikping.

had loads of fun playing with them!~~

1st i introduced tis game to's called PIG.. hmm, i cant quite describe tis game here..but one thing fo's d game which drives ur adrenaline, making u go insane tht type..hahha.

All those punishments were really cool.. most of them might involve talking to strangers or asking favors fr strangers.. washing feet in d fountain, or even go crawling if anyone's stupid enuf to do tht >.<

well, there's high possibility that those pigs might piss the strangers off!

Monday, May 5, 2008

DAMN RASHES..go away ...shoooo

This is d remedy to my rashes.. it aint cheap...n yet im kind enuf remedy my rashes with it >.<
And the results--->Null & Void except my body hair grew longer by few mm...Grrr

Been having this bad rashes for nearly 3 days now..
i couldnt even sleep...n its 4 am in d morning....
once im asleep, i sweat, n it giv those damn rashes chances to pop out n say hello....

no fans, no kinda life is this?
grrrrr!~~ it sucks

d worst is, i cant hang out with my frens...been putting airplane many times these few days..
sorry n forgive me frens TT
n i also airplane God 2day..didnt get to attend the sunday service..

so, rashes, please...2mr im goin 2 take injection if the clinic has....damn u rashes..kill u all!~~~