Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy 20th birthday to me!

Ghost so cute ler~

this is the 1st post of my blog! im so bad at blogging wey..
well, anyway, back to my topic..i admit tht i'm old now.. 20 year-old for a girl. the number '2' gives the bad feeling tht im no longer a teenager, but stepping into adulthood!

2day went starbucking with my frens Leemei and Ghost a.k.a. Wuwu. just like normal girls we chit chat for the whole day..
we felt tht 20th birthday shudnt be so boring n NORMAL.. during the time we were paying d car park ticket at the autopay station..sumbody came out with this stupid crazy idea... which was making me to take contact number from a complete stranger!!

arhh..this is the craziest thing i've ever done...i mean im a very shy person..they actually wanted me to play this 'truth or dare' kinda game. I noe, i didn't want to dissapoint them..n also didn't want my 20th birthday to be so blank... but i jus didnt dare to be so confused tht time.

First, I was nervous, n was afraid tht guy would reject me or wat(we actually had a target =.=) so we lingered around outside for quite a while. (until the car park ticket expired...damn it)
i wasnt tht sure. Man, i duwan 2 be so 'cheap' lar.. its always guys taking numbers fr girls de ma, not the other way round.
... haha...Eventually i took a deep breath n walked to tht guy, n said :'hey, (blah blah blah)(opening speech)...can i hav ur number??'
wow, i was so nervous n embarrased after i talked, but things turned out the other way round!! Once I asked.. he straight away spelled those numbers out. wooow..i was like calm down...'man man lai'..haha.

well, sure this is a very unforgettable stuff happened to me on d first day of my 20's.
Furthermore, he complemented me tht i look gorgeous. n that We all look like Eurasians. Fuyohhhh~~ not a bad experience afterall.
then he asked me for my number, but of course i didnt giv it to him lar..haha.

what a day! Leemei, next time its ur turn to play this game..ngek ngek.